Analytics: The innovative platform that allows different forms of collaboration

Analytics is an advanced analytics technology that cuts across all business areas that supports companies by incorporating new technologies, creating new models and improving the digital and omnichannel experience for customers. It allows companies to make decisions in an agile way, making them grow in a scalable and sustainable way.

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Data Scientist & machine learning

Use advanced modeling analytics techniques and tools, which allow algorithmic prediction on big data, generating new insights or decisions for the business / sector.

artificial intelligence & cognitive

Development of systems that simulate human capabilities through Deep Learning algorithms in an automated and contextualized way, with self-learning functionality.

business intelligence & big data

It integrates different sources, eliminating information silos and allowing the rapid generation of insights and decision-making based on data, through the iterative exploration of dashboards in real time.

Data gobernance & strategy

Develop a Data Driven strategy for decision-making based on Data, integrating new AI technological capabilities, using new forms of results-oriented work tangible that impact business.

Which services provides Analytics?

Differential capabilities

Which technology uses IA Analytics?

We have a set of knowledge in innovative Artificial Intelligence and Analytics technologies on which we build projects and solutions.

Big data

Tools that allow us to implement and develop on Big Data platforms with certified development teams.


Modernization technologies on Big Data environments that allow the use of advanced analytics.


Artificial Intelligence developement platforms applied in the operation and the function automatation.


Technologies that allow conceptual interpretation and information extraction from language understanding.

Data visualization & Business Intelligence

Data integration and visualization tool that allows you to eliminate silos, analyze information and generate insights quickly and accurately.

Image and text recognition

Artificial Intelligence development platforms applied in the operation and automation of functions.

aggity, the ideal partner throughout the data life cycle

Our knowledge and technologies, added to our methodologies, make us the right partner to accompany you throughout your analytical journey


Improves the profitability of customers and their relationship with brands.


Improvement of the employee experience through data and Artificial Intelligence.


Make manufacturing processes (production & back office) more efficient.


Helps in data-driven decision making through Big Data and AI.

Innovating in ways of collaboration

From day one the focus is on capture the value of the business opportunity limiting technological and human barriers for companies and allowing an impact on the income statement

Specific projects focused on business challenges.

Looking for the analytical adoption and acceleration on a sustained basis through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence managed services collaboration models.

We accelerate 
programs initiative

We provide customers with a modular platform for advanced and cognitive analytics together with a group of senior professionals from companies and consultants of the highest level.

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