Cognitive assistants and natural language processing

Today, AI and the ability to understand and interact with machines through voice and text by means of NLP (natural language processing) challenges the “Turing Test” and allows machines to interact with people without that we do not even realize or doubt it, offering a better and higher quality service, especially in repetitive and low-value actions, such as a contact center, managing appointments or giving information about products or services.
All these advances have allowed us to undertake / tackle new tasks and functionalities that previously seemed impossible, such as analyzing large amounts of unstructured information (text) and drawing conclusions, evaluating CV and seeing its suitability for a position, understanding and classifying and facilitating orders maintenance of the CMMS or to be able to carry out an effective, proactive and neglected remote attention service, optimizing the work of the contact center.

What are the benefits of cognitive assistants?

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Conversational Commerce

A conversational assistant is a program that interacts with a customer through voice or text conversations, in context. The context for Conversational Trade Assistants is shopping experiences.
It allows you to evolve, going from a system to inform and obtain information in a contextualized way, to carry out transactions (operations, purchases, appointments) and even to proactively anticipate your needs or make personalized recommendations.


Interact with customers in real-time

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In the context of a conversation

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Interacting with a person, a chatbot, or a mix of both

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Through the customer's favorite messaging device or app



New product information


Discover options


Compare options


Purchase decision


Post-purchase evaluation