Data Labs to enhance analysis in companies

The Data Lab is a methodology that generates opportunities with tangible results and a precise roadmap to optimize the value chain through the application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Natural Language Processing.

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What are the
Data Labs sessions?


Exploration moment

Understand the differential contribution that digital technologies (Analytics & AI, Digitization and Robotization) bring to the value chain.


Evaluation moment

Evaluate the use cases to identify the opportunities that lead the company towards its digital transformation.


Moment of mobilization

Prioritize use cases according to implementation effort and return on investment, establishing a realistic action plan that meets the objectives.

How are they organized?

Objective and scope

Identify the challenges and a set of actionable and viable opportunities to be able to make a realistic quantification of the effort and resources required for the development of cases.

Proposed methodology
Pre-Work: The teams participating in the session carry out a first reflection on the use cases and their impact on the organization.
Workshop: 2.5-hour session where opportunities are viewed and company objectives are prioritized to finally delve into 1 or 2 specific initiatives.
Who are the attendees?
Group of 3 to 6 high-level people in the organization
What is expected of the participants?

The session is highly interactive and participants are expected to take part in group activities and discussions.


In just 30 minutes we will advise you and assess the digitization status of your business