Multi-channel Communication Platform and Marketing Automation

Provides the optimum experience every client desires, with accuracy and consistency at every point of contact.

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RedPoint Global by aggity optimises your digital marketing strategy

Redpoint Global by aggity is a leading global platform that provides multi-channel communication between companies and their clients. It ensures personalised communication and real-time marketing automation, maximising conversion actions.

  • Data – unifies all the company´s sources of data.
  • Multi-channel: communication with users on both online and offline channels.
  • Personalised: Experiences geared to users´ interests.
  • Real-time: real-time action in response to user interactions.


of Redpoint Global by aggity


More personal interactions in real-time due to the user data stored.


A global view of the customer journey for the launch of actions on different media and to optimise conversions.


All the company´s marketing agents have access to the same pertinent data.


TAll the different types of data and sources connect in real time on a single platform.


Optimum experiences at the right time for each client.


A unique profile of each client with all the significant data throughout the lifecycle.

Use Cases


01. Computer Visita il sito Web del prodotto dal computer di lavoro María (utente sconosciuto) Precedente A seguire 02. Dal cellulare Vedi un annuncio per la borsa Instagram Precedente A seguire 03. Newsletter

  • Entra nel web e registrati nella newsletter.

  • Ricevi l'e-mail di benvenuto personalizzata

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04. Acquista L'IA identifica Maria come un potenziale utente di un gruppo di acquirenti e le invia una notifica push quando attraversa un negozio fisico nelle vicinanze ed entra per acquistare la borsa e il prodotto consigliato. Precedente A seguire

The solution designed to connect
all your information

Native integration with Tableau & Power BI

Redpoint Global by aggity features all the tools you need to place all your information together on one platform. This tool, based on artificial intelligence and automated learning, enables marketing teams to receive data on their clients from different sources and provides them with the means to interpret it and obtain relevant information.

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