Fluig Productivity Platform
as easy as a social network

Fluig is a software platform for the management, integration and collaboration of people, processes, applications and documents. 100% Cloud, accessible from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

Fluig es una plataforma SaaS (Software as a Service) 100% cloud. Está integrada por varias soluciones de software orientadas a la productividad y la colaboración que incrementan la sinergia de las personas, los procesos y las aplicaciones de negocio para operar de una manera fluida y eficiente.

Fluig Productivity
All communication on a single platform

End slow processes, difficult flows, bureaucracy and lost information in endless email exchanges.

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What is Fluig?

With Fluig, an organization provides its collaborators with a platform that encourages them to work in a team, fully communicated, understanding the impact that their tasks have on each process in which they are involved and making the most of all business applications with the That operates. People, processes, documents and applications interact in a natural, simple and always connected way. As easy as a social network.

Fluig Identity
Identity management platform

Identity management platform that allows a user to manage their credentials (username and password) through all the business applications and external applications that they use.

  • Single login (Autenticación).
  • Provisioning and re-provisioning of users.
  • Defining access to routines in paper applications.
  • Identity settings.
  • Native integration with Active Directory (AD) and LDAP.
  • Employee Intelligence.
  • Search in natural language for skills, professional experience, languages, academic history and network.

Fluig BPM

The BPM (Business Process Management) software component allows you to model, automate and manage the execution of any business process. The entire organization knows the exact status of each activity or triggered request.

  • Graphic process modeler.
  • Notation BPMN (Business Process Management Notation).
  • Electronic Forms.
  • Process manager.
  • SOA integration (Service Oriented Architecture).

Fluig Social

Social network environment to integrate the most important element of any organization: the human element. Fluig Social defines a community and user-based environment in which each community makes available to member users a set of applications, documents, processes and indicators that reinforce synergy and improve operational efficiency.

  • People recognition
  • Commitment and participation.
  • Assimilation of culture and values.
  • Employee satisfaction.

Fluig Messaging

Messaging platform that brings the direction of the company closer to its teams, unites people with complementary skills and functions and improves internal flow.

  • Increased productivity with contextualized communities.
  • Closeness between employees, departments and offices.
  • Greater participation of the teams.
  • Greater participation in the conversation with your employees.
  • Focus on the most relevant topics.

Other Components of
Fluig Productivy Platform

  • Fluig ECM (Enterprise Content Management): management of the entire life cycle of a document: edition, versions, publication, validity, types and permissions.
  • Fluig WCM (Web Content Management): allows technical users to develop their own sites / portals with configurable layouts and widgets.
  • Fluig Analytics: analysis of the information that is generated within Fluig, such as monitoring of social activity, processes and document inquiries.
  • Fluig LMS (Learning Management System): interactive learning tool and sharing knowledge through collaborative learning.
  • Fluig Store: applications, components and processes to incorporate into the platform.
  • Fluig Mobile: mobile access to fluig's main resources and information at any time.
  • Fluig ESB (Enterprise Service Bus): Integrates different business systems in the A2A (Application to Application) scenario.

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