Complete protection
for applications

appdome by aggity is a platform that allows you to merge and / or add different security features in your Android and iOS apps in a very simple way. With just a few clicks you can secure mobile applications, data and users, as well as the base of the mobile code and its intellectual property.

Without the need for any development or code, you can install various features such as encryption, anti tampering, anti debugging, DLP, Obfuscation, among others. In addition, appdome also allows to add identity, multi factor authentication (MFA), EMM, single without fon and analytics.
Sin necesidad de ningún desarrollo o código podrás instalar diversas features como cifrado, anti tampering, anti debugging, DLP, Ofuscación entre otros. Además, appdome también permite agregar identidad, autenticación multi factor (MFA), EMM, single sin fon y analíticos.

The perfect solution to the risks of mobile applications

  • Full Mobile Data Encryption - Encrypt and protect all mobile app data, in-app preferences, chain, and resources with Total Data Encryption.
  • Rapid application hardening and code obfuscation: obfuscate all code from native and non-native mobile applications.
  • Increased privacy: avoid keyloggers, blur the app screen, protect your data from government copy / paste, add PIN code or Face ID ...
  • Instant compliance with OWASP Top 10, PCI, PSD2, HIPPA +
  • Secure mobile communications and MiTM protection: Add Trusted Session Inspection, an advanced MiTM (Men in The Middle) solution that also verifies the SSL connection to the Fused app.
  • Operating system integrity: Detect when a device has been released or rooted and avoid installing merged applications.

Actionable and reliable information with appdome

The mobile industry's first codeless cloud platform enables developers to secure connections, authentication, and intent for every API used in their Android and iOS apps. This ensures that everyone who uses the application can trust that the information is actionable and reliable.

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