Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms that learn from experience: Artificial Intelligence for companies together with Machine Learning are innovative solutions that transform data analytics so that the software makes decisions in real time, makes personalized recommendations, detects the origins of errors in processes or projects predictive models.

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“Fast processing and smart algorithms”

All industries can benefit from the resources provided by artificial intelligence for companies. Its main objective is to provide software for specific tasks that interprets the data it receives and to improve the results it produces as its knowledge increases. Large amounts of data are combined with rapid processing and smart algorithms to find and analyse patterns in data to provide companies with knowledge.

The main advantages of
Artificial Intelligence.

  • Source of growth: Data analysis enables you to find patterns and predict events.
  • Personalized Communication: analysis of the profile of a potential customer crossed with the knowledge database, allows an e-commerce website to present personalized offers.
  • Error reduction: a high degree of accuracy in results.
  • Predict the values of certain process variables, based on their historical values, to anticipate possible quality failures or breakdowns
  • Speed: the rapid analysis of complex data speeds up business decisions.
  • Natural Language: the software can easily deal with business issues through the understanding of natural human language.
  • Greater productivity: the replacement of routine tasks with more efficient intelligent software.
  • Identify the initial parameterization (Setup) and the trends of the key indicators during a manufacturing, to obtain the “Golden Batch” or more efficient manufacturing, and to serve as a reference for future manufacturing.

Solutions by aggity
that incorporate Artificial Intelligence

RedPoint Global

Omni-channel real-time data communication platform that combines marketing automation with CDP.

BesTalent IA

Smart solutions in people and talent management applying Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Factory

Solutions for Industry 4.0 and automation of processes in the factory.

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