Design Thinking Workshops

Part of the aggity innovation services consists of us holding consulting sessions with companies that have decided to initiate a comprehensive digital transformation process at their organisation.

We use the Design Thinking methodology in these sessions, which focuses on the people involved in processes of change in order to understand the needs in question and provide them with the technology and strategies to boost their business.

What do aggity Design Thinking sessions consist of?

Design thinking sessions are one of the procedures used in the aggity Digital Transformation Consulting and Guidance services, the main goals of which are:

  • To strive for innovation by placing the person at the centre of the process
  • To encourage debate and dialogue through participatory sessions
  • To listen to and analyse users´ needs to ensure the change is effective
  • To involve the company´s key employees in the innovation process
  • To discuss the solutions put forward to promote the emergence of new ideas
  • To involve users from different departments in order to obtain a global view of the company

Phases of
Design Thinking en aggity



Definition of
the needs

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the problems that have led the company to implement the change.


Proposal of
innovative solutions

Together, listening to the participants and analysing the tangible improvements they might bring to the company



Shape a better-defined idea and provide it with features to turn it into a specific project.



Test the final idea to identify areas for improvement before definitive implementation.

Catalogue of modern Immersion Workshop experiences in the workplace

Correct tools

  • Modern
  • Integrated
  • Collaborative
  • Cloud first


  • Remote work
  • Video conference
  • Multiple geography

Group work

  • Continuous communication
  • Communication

User security

  • Awareness raising/li>
  • “Secure by design”
  • Continuous updating

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