Machine Learning for companies. Algorithms at the service of your business

Machine Learning algorithms allow us to anticipate or predict what is going to happen in the future and allow us to act on all types of companies (retail, manufacturing, services, banking and insurance) and on any area within it, from the area marketing, finance, production or HR.
For example, it allows us to know which customers or employees are at risk of flight, to know which products each customer will like the most, the probability that a machine will break down, or to identify the root cause of a problem and detect when it occurs. it is going to happen again in the future.

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AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning?

When we talk about artificial intelligence or advanced analytics we usually mix different concepts that are related to each other. The following diagram will help us clarify these concepts:


AI is the most general term that describes the techniques that allow machines to replicate human intelligence, using logic and machine intelligence.


It is the subset of AI that includes both statistical and probabilistic techniques and reinforced learning.


It is the subset of machine learning formed by multilayer neural network algorithms that allow software to train itself to perform tasks such as speech, image, text recognition, on large data sets.

Algorithm typologies of Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms are classified into three types:

Applications of Machine Learning for companies

Some examples of the use of Machine Learning to improve the competitiveness of companies:


Improved profitability of customers and their relationship with brands


Improved employee experience through data and AI


Make manufacturing processes more efficient [productive & back office]