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The digital transformation of Health and Services

Undoubtedly, companies belonging to the Health and Services sectors are firm candidates to launch projects related to the Digital Transformation of their businesses. Its many times direct dealings with the end customer, the complexity of the services provided and the “war for talent” of highly qualified professionals allow us to identify interesting areas of action.

How can I manage the
Human Resources of my business?


The great variety of professional profiles that companies in the Health and Services sectors must have undoubtedly introduces an extra complexity factor in their management. Different qualifications, professional careers, different shifts, varied activities ... a whole set of factors that must be optimally managed to increase Productivity, ensuring compliance with business objectives.

Work Shift Planning

A particularly important “piece” in the Human Resources Management of these companies is related to Shift and Service Planning: in short, it is about being able to optimally define “what, who, when and the where ”when generating the activity calendars or“ worksheets ”. (If you want, you can download our e-Book on the essential characteristics of a good Planning Module by clicking here).


In addition, to "win" in the fight for Talent, it is essential to have a powerful technological support platform that allows us to optimize our Comprehensive People Management Strategy, which is capable of responding to all the needs related to HR, ( payroll, transfers ...).


In the People Analytics layer, also contemplating the “robotization” (RPA) of routine activities to free up valuable time for your professionals. Precisely for that, at aggity we have BesTalent IA, our modular platform to support you in your day-to-day life, contemplating a comprehensive approach and continuous improvement.

How can I improve my relationship with my clients and opportunities?


Optimizing the relationship with current customers and improving the management of new opportunities are now essential to grow in an increasingly competitive market. New technologies can undoubtedly help us achieve these goals.


In the Health Sector, in addition, a new field of action is opening that, although related to the traditional “Customer Engagement”, offers us a wide range of possibilities under the “Patient Engagement” approach: improvement of patient care, communication fluidity, follow-up of appointments, contribution of added value in each interaction ... A whole world of opportunities for improvement at our fingertips.

Can digitization influence
the financial area of my business?


Digital Transformation can also have a successful impact on the activities of the financial area of organizations, both automating the performance of repetitive and routine activities and providing tools for the digitization of those others that, requiring human intervention, can be addressed in a more effective thanks to technology.

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