Successful talent management

Success in talent management

The Human Resources department has become the main player in leading companies towards digital transformation in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environments in which we are now operating.

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What does the Talent of the company need to develop?

Continuous and transparent. Communication is always a differential competitive advantage.

The company must share its strategic objectives with its employees, making them become their own.

Work for objectives and not for results.

That professionals can see the result of their work, see its meaning and its contribution to the company achieving its objectives.

Listen to the professional, take their opinion into account, eliminating hierarchies, making decisions together with agile and humane leadership.

The teams must be self-managed and self-sufficient to promote collaborative and human work trusting the professional.

Learn from mistakes to move towards continuous improvement

Optimized onboarding processes that allow the professional to be productive in less time, increasing their engagement with the company

Re-skilling and up-skilling processes so that professional development does not stop. The Talent of the employees must be updated.

How can HR carry out
good talent management?

For HR to be able to perform Talent management in an environment as changing and complex as the current one, it necessarily needs the help of technology, which will give it a competitive advantage. You need HR platforms and technological solutions that adapt to your business and your changing needs, to be able to make decisions based on data and not based on intuition, as has been done until now.

The role of HR has changed and has become more prestigious than ever, it has gone from having a merely administrative / legal function to being the strategic and essential ally of the CEO to take advantage of the competitive advantage offered by technology and thus differentiate himself from his competitors , guaranteeing the success of the company, and, therefore, that of its professionals.

“Through aggity’s Talent & HR solutions, the HR department becomes a digital, agile and data driven department that will allow companies to manage Talent appropriately in order to cope in today’s uncertain environment.”

Advantages of aggity HR & Talent solutions:

What functions allow aggity Talent & HR
solutions to be carried out?

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