Management software for the Real Estate sector

Nowadays, it is essential to have a comprehensive tool for dealing with the changes in the way in which people live and consume.

Construction and real estate management and direct contact with the consumer must include digital transformation solutions in order to speed up the standard processes and constant changes in the real estate sector.

Benefits of aggity management solutions for the Real Estate sector

  • Joint management of different departments to increase the company´s productivity.
  • Facilitation of the client's purchase process through the automation of low-value processes.
  • Real-time decisions made through the knowledge of the internal and external market.
  • Creation of real estate dashboards to enable you to analyse multiple daily KPIs.
  • Management of real estate assets with a reduction in purchase process times.

Our digital solutions .

Management solution that ensures the interconnection and constant flow of information available in your business, resulting in real communication between the agents involved.


Digital marketing management software that allows you to recognize the customer, identify their needs and offer them a highly personalized experience.

A software for planning schedules, annual days, calendars and staff shifts that enables an overview of the activity in the company.

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