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Manage Day Control

Management of attendance control in an automated and digitised manner.

Companies that trust BesTalent IA by aggity

  • BesTalent AI by aggity manages the daily work schedules assigned to employees, times and shifts established for attendance control.
  • The human resources manager can conduct an attendance check on his employees. By clocking in, each employee will be able to register their working day and enable their manager to monitor their times and performance.
  • The attendance control tool enables you to access each employee's information, as well as their personal annual and monthly schedule. All employee data will be visible to both the manager and the employee in accordance with the law on control of working hours.

Benefits of the Control of Working Hours module


Clocking in

The BesTalent AI clocking-in and geolocation module enables employees to mark their location from their mobile or computer and start counting their working hours as prescribed by their manager.


CAn annual and monthly schedule with all an employee´s personal information in relation to hours worked, holidays, training and activity.


Immediate control

BesTalent AI can be connected to any clocking-in system module the client has, regardless of whether they are simple or biometric clocks, linked to the management of working hours and the optimisation of resources.

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