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Benefits of the Payroll Control module

The payroll module gathers contractual data on your employees. This module enables the company to hold a contractual and economic relationship with its employees.


BesTalent AI digitises the company’s contractual relationship with the employee. Personal data, holidays, new recruits and terminations, contracts, structuring, affiliation, time allocation and payroll management are all digitised on a single platform.

    The same payroll module enables the HR manager to manage changes and modifications from a single portal. Changes and modifications can be implemented easily and automatically, both at the contractual level and by structure.
    BesTalent AI facilitates contractual procedures with an official, approved signature. Consequently, documents will contain a validated, notarised digital signature. An advancement based on maximum security and confidentiality for your business.
    The BesTalent AI indicators enable managers to access the information on each employee and specific groups. They automate absenteeism management processes and display detailed reports on each worker in a rapid, independent manner.

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