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The BesTalent AI by aggity training module provides the planning and management of your business training on the same platform. The management of the organisation’s training activities is integrated with all the needs and phases of training.


The training module will enable you to manage and monitor training and the permanent updating of the knowledge, practices and skills of your organisation´s personnel as a means of improving both professional and personal development.


It automatically updates workers´ profiles with this course. FUNDAE (State Training Foundation) – once all the courses have been registered and can be exported automatically by the training department. It also registers the hours allocated.

A platform designed for the planning and management of the organisation’s training activities in accordance with the needs and type of training, registration, course planning, among others.

This budget management subsystem enables you to define and monitor budgets in multiple presentation formats tailored to each user´s individual needs.

BesTalent AI allows you to extract the required information in xml format in order to import it to the official agency´s management system.

The management of annual training records and data, in addition to documents and xml files with official agencies.

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    Management by objectives Evaluation of competencies

Denario by aggity solves in a totally flexible and simple way the planning of Performance Evaluation and Management by objectives, helping to manage the entire process. Denario by aggity allows to comprehensively measure, control and improve the performance of people in their respective jobs and, with it, the quantitative and qualitative results of the organization.

This module is characterized by the ease of defining the factors that will determine each evaluation model, together with the value scales associated with it. Also, due to the possibility of making as many models as necessary and being able to relate them to the business structure that is required.

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