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Smart Factory by aggity brings together solutions for the industry and accompanies our clients towards the fourth industrial revolution and the digital transformation of the factory thanks to the automation of all processes.


for Industry 4.0

Opera MES by Aggity

Complete and modular MES industrial management software.

All your factory planning on one platform.

Social Factory by aggity

Solution for immediate and intelligent use of information

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The intelligent people and talent management solution that enables you to automate all your Human Resources department´s processes.


for Human Resource

Modular HR software that digitizes, any area of the People and Talent.

GTT herramientas de gestión del tiempo

Work Time Management solution to plan and automate all the actions.

Solution for the selection of people and talent with a predictive system.

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A multi-channel communication and marketing automation platform that features multi-channel communication and promotes customer loyalty.

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soluciones de gestión financiera

A financial system and business management solutions designed to streamline the control of your company’s finances while helping organise the business.

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