The modular technology platform

for the Optimization and Deployment of your Talent and HR Management Strategy.

Safe process automation
Digitization of the company-worker relationship
Optimization of employee productivity
Accompaniment in the Life Cycle of professionals

Companies that trust BesTalent IA by aggity

Advancing in the digitization of the activities of the Human Resources Area is no longer an option.

The technological disruption experienced in recent years has facilitated access to a series of tools that until recently seemed available to only a few companies.
An example is BesTalent IA by aggity, the technological and modular platform for the optimization and deployment of your Talent Management strategy. It covers from the most basic needs (Personnel Administration, Payroll, Time Record …) to the most advanced in the “People Analytics” layer, (making use of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Machine Learning), passing through others such as Turnso Planning, Training Management or Management by Objectives.
The differential value of companies is in the people who make them up … and technology can help you optimize their management by digitizing routine tasks. And also achieving that the People Management Area is empowered thanks to the use of contrasted information as an objective basis for its decision making, putting itself at the same level as other operational departments.

How do we do it?

This is not about “coffee for everyone”; Our specialists will identify with you what is the degree of maturity of your organization in terms of Digital Transformation, and more specifically in the area of ​​People Management.

Four stages of Digital Maturity in constant evolution

Basic HR scanning

Digitize the basic processes and simplify your management

Shift control

Advanced HR Digitization

Facilitates communication and digitizes value-added activities

Employee portal
Working environment

Smart Working

One more step in optimizing your Talent Management strategy

Management by objectives

People Analytics

Anticipate the future: exploit the data and make the right decisionss

Predictive anticipation

From there, we identify the modules of our platform that best respond to your specific needs, seeking to achieve short-term milestones and ensuring the path to future evolution that allows integrating new functionalities when required.

Our ecosystem of functionalities

One of the advantages of BesTalent IA by aggity is its modular approach, which allows its different functionalities to be implemented progressively according to the needs of each organization. BesTalent IA by aggity has Denario as a support platform for the “hardest” functions of Human Resources, with a “single data” scheme that guarantees the integrity of the information and that allows its exploitation with the functionalities of People Analytics that can unfold over it. Access to its different functionalities is offered in a simple way through two ways: an Employee Portal, accessible through any browser, and a mobile App (available on iOS and Android) that further facilitates the use of the system.

Basic HR scanning


With multi-company and multi-agreement management capacity, it allows you to define the remuneration scheme just as it is required in your organization.


It simplifies the processes of “signing” (time registration) of professionals, the notification of incidents, the communication of exchanges and the request for permits. With the option of geolocation control for transfers from the mobile app, and with easy integration with other systems (such as watches, fingerprint readers, etc.).

Digital signature

It has never been so easy to integrate the digital signature into your management processes, defining different levels and approval flows.

Advanced HR Digitization


Digitize your Training Plan considering all its typologies (face-to-face, mixed or online, synchronous or asynchronous). Automatically obtain the necessary information for FUNDAE and integrate the online actions with your LMS (Moodle type), with registration information for courses and registrations and then collecting the data related to the progress of each course.


In addition to facilitating access to the different functionalities, it allows you to establish a permanent communication channel with the workers. Distribute documents, news or communications of any kind instantly, defining in each case its scope (with or without acknowledgment of receipt) and recipient group. Oh, and with document management integrated into the system.


Dynamically analyze the situation of your professionals. Plan your questionnaires in waves, guaranteeing anonymity in the answers and evaluating the results in real time.

Smart Working


Control the evolution of your expenses in an agile way, and distribute and analyze the costs according to your needs and your organizational and productive structures. Run simulations to assess alternative scenarios.


Optimize the management of your work shifts based on the needs of the business and the People you have in your organization. This module is fully integrated with the Day Control module, so that any incident (sick leave, vacation request ...) is communicated to the appropriate managers so that they can act accordingly. The system even recommends the most suitable person or persons to replace any professional who may not be available for any reason.


These modules will allow you to digitize your Management and Assessment processes by Competencies, even going so far as to monitor Compliance with Objectives that could be linked, where appropriate, to the receipt of a variable remuneration (which would be automatically reported to the Payroll module).

People Analytics

On these modules, we integrate other “pieces” taking advantage of all the power that the People Analytics layer offers. The use of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Machine Learning, concepts previously reserved for other business areas, makes it easier to carry out activities that were unattainable not long ago:

Recruitment and Selection

Use our powerful ATS ("Applicant Tracking System") to carry out your recruitment and recruitment processes optimally. Define the steps of each process and their level of complexity (with or without additional questionnaires, video interviews, personal interviews ...) and check the evolution of each one, together with the assessment and situation of each candidate. Also analyze the information coming from your activity through powerful dashboards.

Productivity Optimization

Thanks to this module, it is possible to define “best practices” to make them available to the entire organization. Its operation seems simple: we cross the data of "business deliverables" (that is, those that allow us to know when it is most productive) with those of the "ways of working", to identify those best practices and thus influence a culture of continuous improvement.

Determining the Probability of Talent Drain

Thanks to advanced algorithms, we can predict to what extent certain professionals are likely to leave our company. Thus, it is possible to influence some key factors to optimize the Loyalty of the best Talent.

Why BesTalent IA by aggity?

ALL IN ONE and modular

An “all-in-one” and modular system that can respond to all the needs related to the Digital Transformation of the People Management Area depending on the needs of each organization.

multi-access and multi-platform

Thanks to its Employee Portal in WEB format and with the mobile app, professionals will be able to access the system in an agile way whenever they need it.

flexible and quick to implement

Its different modules will allow you to advance with guarantees and always adapted to your specific casuistry.

expert consultants

Because Digital Transformation is not only about technology ... and at aggity we have expert consultants in the different areas of HR who speak your language and can configure the system to get the most out of it and make it work exactly as your organization needs.

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