Social Factory by aggity

Social network and corporate chat for the factory

Social Factory is the evolution of industrial systems traditional. We add Social app technology Business by aggity for collaborative management based on social networks, machines connected to corporate networks and interacting between them, apps and web applications and mobile devices of all kinds.

Companies that trust aggity.

Innovation in machine-person communication

Social Factory by aggity turns a factory into a smart, social Industry 4.0 due to being totally interconnected and its Social Business platforms. It will place your factory in the palm of your hand.


everything is connected to everything

Industry 4.0

The Digital Transformation applied to the production industry


Quality testing can be performed manually by operators or automatically using equipment in accordance with specific programmable conditions (amount produced, time worked, calibration of tools…).

Social media-based collaborative management

Machinery connected to corporate networks

Constant flow of information between people and machinery

Find out about multi-directional communication in this video

Machinery, people and things connect on a single instant messaging channel to share valuable information for the company.

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