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The management of your industry´s materials

The main purpose of material management is to ensure the timely and smooth supply of materials to the manufacturing plant, minimising material handling costs and physically organising and optimising warehouses.

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Reduced stock levels

Poor warehouse management will prevent you from knowing exactly where a batch is located and the available quantities of that batch. Being familiar with current warehouse stock levels will help reduce unnecessary stocks.


Less time and increased efficiency

Knowing exactly where a batch is located will enable you to reduce the handling of materials by ensuring timely supply to the plant´s different departments.



The identification and management of material flows is necessary in order to implement the traceability of product batches.

Find out how you can automate your warehouse

In general, warehouse activities are carried out by operators using portable terminals or industrial terminals. The flow of material consists of registering it, labeling it electronically and storing it in a specific place. As the production process progresses, the system generates orders for transferring the material to the warehouse, with the aim of supplying the production lines in a continuous manner, thereby preventing stoppages due to a lack of material.

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