Your factory´s entire planning on one platform

PlanetTogether by aggity is able to provide all the necessary information to guide and control the production plan, carry out “What-if” analysis and increase the level of saturation of resources.

It allows the planning and programming at finite capacity of production activities, taking into account the availability of resources and materials.

Industry digitization

Technological solutions for the digitization and automation in real time of the factory that combine data analytics and artificial intelligence, allowing factories to automate production processes and improve factory interconnectivity with programs for planning, organization and control of the floor.

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of PlanetTogether by aggity

Plan Industry 4.0 in real time


of planettogether by aggity


of PlanetTogether by aggity


Powerful programming and optimisation engine. 


Flexible and bi-directional integration with any ERP system


Faster reaction time to minimise loss


Native integration with the Opera MES con aggity platform for perfect synchronisation between scheduling and execution.


Illustrates the efficiency levels of production processes both graphically and intuitively


Connected to the factory in real time and forecasts using Artificial Intelligence

The challenges

of Suplly Chain

Raw materials and components - Dynamic markets Providers
- Long supply times
- Delays in deliveries
Manufacturing - Variety of products
- Complex operations
- Floating demand
- Changes (costs)
- Need for flexibility and reprogramming
Distribution - Warehouse costs
- Capacity restrictions
- uncertain demand
- Variable transports
Consumer - Economic variability
- Different product options
- Immediate supply

Advanced analytics applied to the industry

Advanced analytical solution for the improvement of industrial production

Analytics Factory powered by SAS is an analytical platform that supports companies throughout the production cycle, such as improving production, logistics, quality, maintenance and forecasting demand and inventory, through the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Natural Language and Machine learning.

The Factory connected with
Opera MES con aggity

Opera MES con aggity, is a complete MES industrial management system , modern, configurable and modular that perfectly covers the management and control of Production, Quality, Materials and Maintenance activities.