Financial software designed to simplify management processes

aggity provides a comprehensive financial software system, a solution for all your company´s administrative and accounting processes, fully digitised and adaptable to the organisation´s needs.

Uniclass by aggity gives you a multi-dimensional view and centralised accounting information, while enabling you to control all your company´s fixed assets and data key to the comprehensive management of your organisation.

Companies that trust Smart CG by aggity

Smart CG

by aggity

Featuring an object-oriented design and multi-layer architecture, it can be installed on several computers, placing data in different places in the programmes.

The system is designed to manage multiple companies and multiple corporate groups, both real and simulated.

The possibility of creating simulated environments and using them to execute processes (forecasts, projections, etc.) without altering the actual data.

Generator of reports such as investment control by department, project control (prior to asset activation) and tax reports.

You can set the access level in your work environment to all processes or consolidated reports and queries only.

An open, multi-platform work environment, independent of operating systems and databases.

Why Smart CG?


Uniclass by aggity in its entirety with the management of receipts, queries and reports.


It provides an effective manner in which to control banking and monetary accounts at financial institutions.

Module CG-SII

It centralises the company´s accounting information, record specifications and other important data.


Lanzadera Uniclass Finances is now part of the other options not included in the new application.


Our team are experts in the areas of Finance and its associated problems.

Save time with BI Technology

Find out how aggity can help you automate all your company´s reports, meaning you no longer need to download Excel files and cross-reference data by hand.

aggity has already helped other companies to keep their reporting data up-to-date without the need for anyone to perform any manual work, thereby saving time and eliminating dependence on the availability of people on holiday.

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