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Billing management software

Uniclass billing by aggity enables you to systematise the entire life process of any invoice: receipt, assignment, verification, approval and validation. All combined in a single tool, which also allows for integration with any standard database system.

Duplication is avoided, errors are minimised and information is more efficient. All this guarantees complete security and privacy in the process.


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What added value does the Uniclass billing module provide?

Enables those involved with invoices to approve/reject them.

The information associated with expense accounts, by default, to which the supplier´s invoice will be charged. Accounts and percentages are indicated and the system will automatically allocate the expenses based on the amount of the invoice in accordance with the percentages.

Invoices can be registered manually, electronically or automatically by scanning, e-mail and identification of amounts.

The current status of each invoice can be viewed at any time, including the steps taken in relation to the same. All phases are registered.

Shortcuts can be included in e-mails to facilitate the approval of invoices.

Identification of invoices using bar codes.

If the invoice has an associated approval circuit, the document will contain all the signatures of those involved in the process.

Whenever authorisation is required to approve an invoice, only users with such authorisation will have access.

Features of Uniclass


Multiple functions

When using Uniclass Billing the digitisation and accounting of invoices is conducted using a scanner and supervised by an employee. This powerful system prevents errors from occurring in the manual receipt, issuance and accounting of invoices.


Centralised control

Billing is direct, intuitive and extremely user-friendly and can be done using any kind of document (delivery notes, production orders, etc.) and from anywhere with the advantages provided by the Web environment.


Additional information

Additional information is available from clients and suppliers: master accounts, distribution of income/ expenses, e-mail, addresses, Google map locations, contact persons, comments, etc.



With regard to queries in relation to our invoices, each user will only be able to see the invoices for which they are authorised. Graphs can be generated in accordance with the organisation´s needs.


Banking details

Enables you to save / access any banking or Visa information and its associated documentation without having to go to the bank.



Fully compatible with other applications and modules. Works natively on ISERIE, SQLSERVER and ORACLE, or in a combination, in other words ISERIES + SQLSERVER.

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