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Document Management

aggity’s document management software will enable you to assign every document a multitude of features geared to managing all your company’s documentation in a diligent and efficient manner.

Uniclass Document Management enables you to store important information in a manner adapted to the structure of each company. Communication and document searches are fast and bureaucracy is minimised.

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What added value does the
Document Management module provide?

All documents are stored in a secure-access database.

Documents are stored corporately, consistent with the company´s structure.

Paper, printing and storage costs are all reduced.

The PDF generator allows for the easy design of document formats.

All documents are accessible in accordance with the established authorisation process.

Of documents with real office programmes such as Excel, Word, etc.

Complete control of the use in question and easy administration and monitoring.

Delivery of e-mails and faxes with integrated or separate attachments.

Features of Uniclass
Document Management


Scanned documents

You can bulk scan and save any type of written document to the database. In this case .xtml files will be generated with all the available information.


Access profiles

Indicates the series of visible documents and what level of access you have for them. Each user will only be able to view the assigned documents.


Access to non-indexable documents

Non-indexable documents can be accessed/saved directly, such as documents on ISO standards, presentations, offers, estimates, etc.


Access and execution records

All access to the database will be auditable and you will know the exact date, time, IP, process executed, documents involved, etc.

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