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Purchasing and Procurement

Proactis improves your company´s operational and financial performance. Proactis e-procurement software facilitates and optimises the control of expenses and acquisitions, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of management throughout the entire process.

We provide a range of cost control and e-procurement solutions that are easily integrated with other modular tools.

Proactis e-Procurement will enable you to manage everything related to suppliers, procurement and bidding, reducing costs and streamlining the end-to-end purchasing process. All while conducting the control of supplier agreements and all the associated administrative work.

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Features of
Proactis by aggity

This programme automates the entire purchasing cycle and improves the management and monitoring of expense operations, reducing processing times and costs and ensuring greater efficiency in collaboration with your business network.

Allows for the creation and maintenance of a solid base of suppliers by structuring and simplifying the entire supplier lifecycle.

Cost savings and the best deals can be achieved by improving the effectiveness and transparency of the procurement process.

Increases the proportion of “managed” or “in-agreement” expenses by meeting all management and compliance needs in relation to agreements.

Enables purchasing managers to simplify the management of supplier catalogues and websites.

Controls the entire purchase process, from the initial order to the payment of products and services received.

A full range of solutions for receiving and obtaining invoice data for processing.

Facilitates the registration and recovery of employee “cash” expenses while ensuring compliance with the company´s guidelines.

Features of
Proactis by aggity



Designed in an intuitive and user-friendly manner, enabling users to be more productive without effort.


Easy access to information

Personalisable dashboards, flexible reporting tools and traceability of purchases functions.


Maximum control

Ensures compliance with the purchasing regulations established at each organisation.




The use of paper is eliminated and processes are accelerated and automated.


Multicultural and flexible

User interface in any language and currency. Capable of managing multiple tax regimes.


100% integrable

Designed with integration points with the use of market standards.

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