Mobile corporate platforms.

The inclusion of digital transformation and mobile corporate platforms in a company´s business ecosystem creates communication networks between all the stakeholders (employees, suppliers, clients, distributors…) for the development of production activities in a fluid, agile and efficient manner.

Mobile Corporate Platforms, a Business Productivity by aggity solution, enables you to share and manage collective knowledge in an intelligent and instant manner, regardless of where the people involved in the network are.

Companies that trust aggity.  

Towards becoming aSmart Company

Social Business by aggity is a digital transformation solution designed to turn your business into a 4.0 Company or Smart Company. This transformation is based on the immediate and intelligent use and exchange of information: collaboration, communication, sharing and the management of knowledge. 

Flowing Productivity

Part of the aggity innovation services consists of us holding consulting sessions with companies that have decided to initiate a comprehensive digital transformation process at their organisation. A platform for the management, integration and collaboration of people, processes, applications and documents. 100% Cloud, accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Integrated with several productivity and collaboration-oriented software solutions to ensure operations in a smooth and efficient manner.

Pivotal CRM

A platform specialising in the implemention of complex process non-transactional solutions. It includes comprehensive CRM applications (OOB), high personalisation, Online – Offline integration features, centralised management, reuse of MS Office 365, mobility. 


In this context of health emergency, we want to help companies to reopen safely by providing simple and effective solutions for every work environment … and above all, in compliance with GDPR regulations.
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