Pivotal CRM

Customize and control your business processes to accelerate sales
and the growth of your business.

Platform specialists in the implementation of complex non-transactional process solutions. Includes CRM applications with full functionality (OOB), high customization, Online – Offline integration functionality, centralized administration, reuse of MSOffice 365, Mobility.

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In aggity we know how important it is for our customers to have a highly customizable solution that fits their customer service processes. Pivotal CRM is more than a CRM, it is a flexible, agile and mobile platform that is 100% configurable to automate, simplify and simplify customer support processes, ensuring greater productivity of the support teams.


Full Out of the Box (OOB 80-20) functionality / Full integration with transactional systems.


Global view of the customer journey to launch actions on different media and optimize conversions. User Experience Smart Client UX.


Toolkit / Platform that allows you to enrich the OOB functionality and develop new applications.


MSO365 / GSuite connector integration


Business processes, Análisis, Pipeline and Forecast


Our Pivotal CRM platform includes customer service and contact center applications that automate these important processes to ensure a consistent customer experience.

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