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Today’s threats severely impact business processes. The new techniques and organization of hackers forces us to redefine the levels and mechanisms of protection in cybersecurity against new threats.

That is why we approach the protection of threats from the perspective of the surfaces of attack, for which, we rely on partners who use new technologies and sciences such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and User Behavior .

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Mitigation phases


All those mechanisms that provide protection for the access of unwanted processes and exploitation of input vectors.


At which point the threat expands in order to find the vulnerable resources that allow it to collect the information to be stolen.


Channels for the hidden sending of information, updating of patterns and management of the threat itself from external locations.

Specialized Services

We support large corporations through support services to the CIO and CISO, making available to our clients from the Technical Security Office, expert profiles in Cybersecurity in technical and logical security.

The resources that we make available to the client group, integrate and unite the Government, Projects and Legal and Regulatory Compliance in order to define agile goals that allow the implementation of the necessary actions to guarantee that it can be provided an adequate level of information security that supports business processes.

CISO support services

Technical Security Office

  • Includes security system operation tasks.
  • Specialized security support.
  • Support to the IT Core Services area.

Security Architect

  • Execute the tasks and activities of the project plan.
  • Design the tests and draw conclusions.
  • Perform the control designs.

Security analist

  • Define the objectives and concretion of the project.
  • Plan.
  • Direction and coordination of all resources.

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