Design Thinking methodology sessions for the industry 4.0

Workshops designed to help industrial companies understand advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence as a competitive advantage and develop a personalized plan to accelerate priority initiatives in their digital transformation.

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The Data Lab methodology is based on 3 moments:

Exploration moment
Understand the differential contribution that digital technologies (Analytics & AI, Digitization and Robotization) make to the value chainr.
Evaluation moment
Evaluate use cases to identify opportunities that lead the company towards its digital transformation.
Movilization moment
Prioritize use cases according to implementation effort and return on investment, establishing a realistic action plan that meets the objectives.


Manufacturing Data Labs

Grupo 5909@2x

Industry 4.0 Adoption Plan Insight Data Driven Organization (IDO)

Grupo 5912@2x

Data Strategy Data Arquitecture

Grupo 5912@2x

PoCs - PoVs


Predictive, Performance, Production

Predictive Maintenance (CBM)

QA (Quality Assurance) & QC (Quality Control) Improvement

Demand optimization


Data monetization (New businesses)

COE - Insight Data Driven Organization

Cognitive Analytics

Who is it adressed for?

Manufacturing Data Labs sessions are aimed at executives, middle managers and / or technical personnel. One of its main objectives is to make known the possibilities that advanced analytics offers today to industrial companies, explaining what these technologies, use cases and experiences are being carried out in companies in their sector.

What benefits does it have?

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Mantenance
  • Logistics
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • IR&D
  • Sales

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