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We accompany our clients in the digital transformation processes of any of their business areas. All our platforms use algorithms and advanced analytics, applying artificial intelligence to the data, making us the ideal companion throughout the entire data lifecycle.

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Multinational company specialized in the Digital Transformation of businesses combining technology and business processes,

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Innovative Technology Solutions of rapid implementation based on Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Digital Solutions technologies.

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With more than 350 professionals with expertise in Industry 4.0, Digital Marketing, Talent and HR, we will achieve sales in excess of €33 million by 2022 and have a presence in Europe, Middle East and Latam.


Accompany companies to implement and mobilize their digital challenges and agendas in a measurable way, improving their competitiveness.

The key is to achieve measurable improvements that have a positive impact on the competitiveness of companies. In short, we provide advice and support for any organization to achieve its digital goals in an effective and measurable way, making it more competitive in its market.

What we do
in aggity

Digital Transformation Guaranteed: Find out what we do at aggity to Drive your Business Innovation


We streamline and transform processes and operations to be more efficient, by developing a digital culture that boosts the competitiveness of companies.


We activate new forms of omnichannel relationships with digital customers and consumers to maximize their profitability and lifecycle with brands.

Talent and People

We boost talent by automating its management and establishing new ways of working that increase employee engagement and productivity.

Sustainability and Efficiency

We help companies meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the implementation of digital solutions in production processes.



We offer innovative technological solutions that help make a difference and generate new and better business opportunities.

Streamline and transform operations to become more efficient, building new ways of operating that drive competitiveness.

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Activate new forms of omnichannel relationships to maximize profitability and customer engagement with brands and ways of relating to them.

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Boosting talent, automating its management and establishing new ways of working that increase productivity.

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Reduce consumption and help meet the SDGs [+Scope 3] through the use of Artificial Intelligence and digital solutions.

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Redefining business digitalization through the best digital business solutions.

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