Do you need to advance Digital Transformation in the area of People Management? BesTalent IA is the solution you need.


Modular technology platform for the optimization and deployment of your talent management and HR strategy.

  • Safe process automation
  • Digitalization of the company-worker relationship
  • Productivity optimization
  • People Analytics for decision making

Improve the Employee Experience and free up “valuable time” for your professionals.


Experience the agility of BesTalent IA in the cloud, managing processes from anywhere to collaborate efficiently.

Big Data
& Analytics

With BesTalent IA, go beyond basic talent management and make informed decisions with advanced analytics and people analytics.

of Processes

Optimize efficiency with BesTalent IA, digitizing processes for agile talent management, from payroll to shift planning.


Discover transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Assistants, taking your talent strategy to the next level.

Digital Maturity
4 evolutionary stages

We help you move forward based on your specific needs.

Basic HR

Digitize basic processes and simplify your management


Facilitates communication and digitizes value-added activities


One more step in optimizing your Talent Management Strategy


Anticipate the future: exploit data and make the right decisions

Our ecosystem
of functionalities

Our modular and service approach
facilitates the orderly evolution of each organization.

Basic HR

From aggity we can help you digitize the processes usually related to “Personnel Administration” tasks, optimizing the time of your professionals and ensuring regulatory compliance. In addition, you will be able to use the information generated for further growth in the field of People Analytics.

Admin. Personnel: Payroll

Remuneration scheme

With multi-company and multi-agreement management capabilities, it allows you to define the right compensation scheme for your organization.

Registration of

Signings and absences

Simplifies the time registration of professionals and the management of incidents, permutations and leaves of absence. Geolocation option for signings from the mobile app and easy integration with other systems.


Legal validity

It has never been easier to integrate the digital signature in your management processes, defining different levels and approval flows.

Management of

Receipt and validation

Digitize and facilitate the reporting and management of expenses incurred by professionals in your organization, automating regulatory policies and capturing and interpreting receipts from a mobile APP.


Have you already solved “your basics” in Personnel Administration? Thanks to our Employee Experience services you will be able to have a positive impact on the daily life of your organization’s professionals by improving communication and enhancing your “Talent Branding”. The Employee Portal is the heart of the system.


Management of training plans

Digitize your training plan including all types of training. Automatically obtain the necessary information for FUNDAE and integrate online actions with your LMS.

Employee Portal

Communication channel

It facilitates access to functionalities and establishes a direct communication channel with workers. Distribute documents and communications instantly, with defined outreach options.

Financial Well-Being

Salary on demand

Improve your “Employer Branding” image to attract and retain the best Talent by facilitating early salary collection for those professionals who need it, without any bureaucracy and without any cost associated with each transaction.

Work Climate

Questionnaires and analysis

Dynamically analyze the situation of your professionals. Plan your questionnaires by waves, guaranteeing the anonymity of the answers and evaluating the results in real time.


Talent is the true differential value of organizations, and optimizing their results is fundamental. For this reason, it is essential to have tools that allow them to plan their work in an optimal way, valuing and supporting their evolution.


Cost optimization

Control the evolution of your expenses in an agile way, and distribute and analyze costs according to your needs and your organizational and productive structures. Perform simulations to evaluate alternative scenarios.


Shift and shift management

Optimize shift management according to the needs of the business and the professionals in your organization. Native integration with the Journey Log

Management by Objectives

Evaluation and performance

Digitalize your processes of Management and Evaluation by Competences, contemplating the Fulfillment of Objectives that could be linked to the perception of a variable remuneration.

Assessment Center

Competency profile analysis

Evaluate the competency and attitudinal profile of your professionals in a simple way, configuring the most appropriate “battery of tests” according to each specific need.

People Analytics

Generative Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Assistants, Predictive Algorithms…
The best technology at the service of Talent Management.

Cognitive assistants

To provide quick and intuitive help in the most common processes.

Optimization of the

Improve your results by gaining valuable insights and identifying best practices.

Risk of Talent Outflow

Anticipate and reduce unwanted turnover.

Identification of
High Potential

Defines the characteristics of the “ideal profile” for growth in the company.

Talent Attraction and Selection

Parameterize each process and attract the best candidates.

… And many more

Always responding to the specific needs of each organization.

Generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence puts at our disposal a large number of resources that were unimaginable until recently; this technology, found in solutions such as Chat GPT or IBM Watsonx, makes it possible to create “virtual assistants” that answer the most common questions, provide support for tasks and processes, and facilitate the automation of tasks with RPA.

Why BesTalent IA by aggity?

All-in-one system

To cover all your needs in the field of People Management.

Multi-access and multi-platform

At your fingertips in the cloud from any device, simply with a browser or mobile app.

Robust, flexible and quick to implement

Its modular approach allows you to grow in a gradual and orderly manner, planning the deployment in the phases you require.

Expert Consultants

Because Digital Transformation in HR is a matter of Technology… but also of knowledge of the areas involved.


They trust us