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To the classic challenges of profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, the Industrial sector now adds the challenge of decarbonization and digital transformation plays a key role in responding to it.

The challenges of the industry in the 21st century demand agile digital solutions adapted to the problems of each organization.

aggity proposes a platform of solutions for the industry based on solutions for Production Planning and Sequencing, Human Resources Management, Plant Management management, Plant Management (MES), and the application of advanced analytics to streamline operations. Advanced Analytics to streamline operations. Our solution for Decarbonization solution allows us to respond to the Integration of Energy Consumption into Plant Management and the coordination of the Decarbonization Plan in daily tasks. daily tasks.

Profitability and

The classic need for efficiency and profitability in industrial processes has been complemented by the needs of sustainability of the planet. An economically profitable organization is not enough; new solutions are needed to respond to the new scenario.










Energy efficiency

CO² Footprint

Fulfillment of

Planet Together



Staffing requirements


AI & Analytics Factory

BesTalent IA

Shift planner

Opera MES


Agile planning of
all resources

Agile planning of all resources, including people, machines, materials and energy, among others. Optimizing according to the specific needs of each moment: Productivity, Energy Consumption, Delivery Deadlines...

Organization of resources

Covering all needs from basic Digitalization (Payroll, Time & Attendance, Training (Payroll, Time & Attendance, Training, Employee Portal, etc.) to the most advanced ones by applying Advanced Analytics to the Intelligent Shift Planning, Talent Attraction and Retention.

Operations Management

Integrating order release, production tracking with support functions such as Materials Management, Quality, Maintenance and Energy Consumption Monitoring.

Advanced Analytics for Industry

It allows to structure and consolidate all the data of the Industrial Plant (Order Progress, Process Sensors, Human Resources, Material Consumption, etc.) for the improvement of the plant efficiency (OEE).

Monitoring and management of energy consumption

In the industrial plant, collecting information on the main consuming assets, relating it to the production carried out, identifying the origin of energy waste.

Management of the decarbonization program

generating a unique and auditable repository of data that allows for the measurement of the three carbon footprint in its three aspects, the creation and monitoring of internal and supplier decarbonization plans, and the and supplier decarbonization plans, as well as non-financial reporting to institutions and governments. reporting to institutions and governments.

Visibility of operations

Advanced scorecards (SQDCP - Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People) integrated with the Business Indicator System that enable intelligent analysis and decision making in the day-to-day management of the industrial plant.

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