The Decarbonization Target is an imperative for all companies and all sectors of activity. companies and all sectors of activity. To achieve it, it is necessary to new ways of working and systems capable of achieving it. systems capable of making it a reality.

Decarbonization is a challenge and aggity has the technology and capabilities to address it in all its complexity. capabilities to address it in all its complexity

aggity proposes a platform of solutions for Decarbonization suitable for all sectors and that responds to the specificities of each sector. each one of them

Efficient systems

Meeting the Decarbonization Targets requires systems capable of efficiently and effectively systems capable of responding efficiently and effectively to the demands of companies, governments and the demands of companies, governments and organizations.


Reliable, real-time capture of energy consumption and its relation to operating parameters to understand and predict parameters to know and predict the energy impact by activity, and to set alarms to energy impact by activity, and be able to set alarms to detect and resolve deviations. to detect deviations and resolve them.


Use of advanced algorithms for continuous improvement of energy efficiency and smart energy management of energy efficiency and intelligent energy management of the facilities facilities: Purchasing, generation and storage.

Carbon Footprint Measurement

Through systematic measurement of the carbon footprint:
Scope 1 Direct greenhouse gas emissions generated by processes owned or controlled by the organization.
Scope 2 Indirect emissions from the generation of electricity consumed by the organization.
Scope 3 Emissions generated in the value chain of the organization and its suppliers and its suppliers: energy use, water, waste management. waste management.


Sizing of the new energy mix, identification of investments aimed at energy savings and decarbonization, prioritization and development of projects.

Carbon footprint reduction

Through the implementation and follow-up of action plans aimed at reducing the impact in the three scopes.

Non-financial reporting

Ensuring the reliability and consistency of data sources, and generate standard reports for agencies and governments.


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