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They are technology partners

aggity and IBM have a strong have a strong partnership

This guarantees our clients the success of their projects. Our professionals are highly qualified to accompany them in their digitization processes. digitization processes.


As an IBM Gold Partner we offer market-leading solutions together with a company committed to customer success. a company committed to customer success. We have been able to achieve this credentials and years of experience with IBM solutions. IBM solutions.



Our expertise focuses on the following key areas, setting the standard for business transformation.

Greent IT Operations

We optimize your operations with a sustainable approach, achieving resource-conscious management, energy efficiency and cost savings with IBM Instana and Turbonomic.

Data Governance

We specialize in implementing robust data governance frameworks to ensure the quality, security and compliance of your information. Your company will benefit from efficient data management, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical information with Cloud Pak for Data.

Generative AI

We bring the cutting edge of artificial intelligence to your company through the advanced WatsonX platform. Our solutions offer tools that catalyze strategic decision making and allow you to anticipate trends, optimize processes and achieve levels of efficiency never seen before.

Decarbonization and Sustainability

We firmly embrace our environmental responsibility by providing solutions focused on decarbonization and solutions focused on decarbonization and the promotion of sustainable practices, with a special practices, with special emphasis on powerful tools such as Envizi and IBM Maximo. IBM Maximo. We work together with our clients to reduce carbon emissions and achieve their sustainability goals. and achieve their sustainability goals through the strategic combination of these innovative platforms. of these innovative platforms.

ibm solutions

aggity offers to
its customers

Added value to improve the efficiency and operational cost of business processes, helping on the road to digital transformation through business processes, helping on the road to digital transformation through IBM's always innovative innovative IBM technology.


We specialize in providing complete solutions for the successful implementation of projects in the IBM ecosystem. Our highly trained team covers all phases of the project, from consulting to training, ensuring a comprehensive and quality service.


We have professional experts in the IBM ecosystem ensuring the right licensing for any environment or licensing for any IT environment or infrastructure. We We are committed to comply with all regulations associated with each product, providing product, providing peace of mind and security at every step.


aggity's team is composed of certified technicians in various areas of IBM, with profiles ranging from commercial to development. IBM, with profiles ranging from commercial to development. We aligned with the success of your projects, offering a committed team that guarantees that guarantees exceptional results.


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