Few sectors are so directly affected by the situation of the environment in which they operate as the retail sector. the situation of the environment in which it operates. Being ahead of trends is the difference between gaining difference between gaining and losing margin.

The struggle for the margin

The new reality is creating a complicated situation for the sector: the decrease in the size of the shopping basket, the lower frequency of purchases, the shift of consumers to short assortment formats and the growth of private label and discount formats.

and price will force the industry to use all possible information to adapt quickly. Understanding the consumer, making processes more efficient and managing price and promotion levers will be the tools to improve margins.

Current Market

In today's market, it is increasingly complicated to contemplate all the variables to find the right diagnosis. Anticipating, correcting quickly and measuring is the key and its basis will be the data.

Climate Change

Climate change unpredictably affects production and costs, generating operational challenges and additional costs. There is an urgent need to adopt resilient and sustainable strategies to mitigate these impacts.

Economic Environment

Today's competitiveness is closely linked to sustainability. Standing out and thriving requires operational efficiency and commitment to sustainable practices, essential for attracting conscious consumers and adapting to business change.

Technological Changes

Constant technological innovation creates opportunities and challenges. Maintaining an effective global vision can be difficult, but agility and adaptability are key to taking advantage of emerging possibilities in this dynamic environment.



The current situation of the sector demands a global approach based on growth, savings and differentiation.

Category growth categories

Optimize assortment
Pricing policy and promotions
Integrated demand management

Cost reduction

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Green IT


Single customer (on | off)
Efficient communication


Carbon footprint reduction
Regulatory compliance
Non-financial reporting

Vision aggity

Digital Transformation of the business

Consider the customer, but understand their behavior in the store and link data to deliver the desired experience. linking data to deliver the experience they want.


Energy Efficiency
HR Planning

Customer On/Off







Process Control
Green IT


Digitization is a reality that combines process understanding, market knowledge, people involved and appropriate technology.

At aggity we talk about customers and how to improve their experience, but we also talk about consumer. Being able to talk to 98% of potential customers helps retailers helps distributors to better define their portfolio, at what price and with what kind of promotions. type of promotions.

The retail sector is the second largest energy consumer. Managing consumption can save up to 30% on monthly bills.


Intelligence Market

Elasticity Price

Use advanced dynamic pricing techniques to decide on the best strategy at any given moment.

Optimum Assortment

To guarantee that each customer finds what he/she needs where he/she expects to find it, knowing the potential of each product.

Demand Management

Forecast and plan demand, analyzing data from stores, customers, products and promotions, coordinating actions between departments such as Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Logistics to optimize the process.

Promotional Intelligence

Optimize promotional leverage as a way to avoid unnecessary margin erosion, using the best promotion for each strategy.

Cost reduction

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


Define the ideal energy mix, calculating ROI of the investment.


Optimize air conditioning while ensuring comfort and minimizing the cost of the bill.


Central brain of energy efficiency, capturing all environmental data and issuing commands to ensure the best use of energy.


Measuring our carbon footprint to minimize impact and meet sustainable development goals

Cost reduction

Green it Operations


Manage IT infrastructure by anticipating problems such as bottlenecks, outages and poor performance. By focusing on root causes, avoid delays in resolution and anticipate failures through simulations.

Green IT

Optimize IT infrastructures by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure, sizing the necessary resources to guarantee the operation and minimizing the cost by showing the ROI of each decision.

Process Management

Analyzing each instance of the IT processes that support the business processes to analyze the optimal functioning of the same and facilitating the resolution of incidents.

Customer Experience

To guarantee the best service to our customers also in the ecommerce platform, analyzing its performance, usability and user satisfaction.




We optimize the usability of CRM platforms and develop single customer view strategies.

Contact Optimization

We focus on increasing the precision, personalization and effectiveness of coordinated commercial actions through any channel.

Smart Market Research

We improve understanding of consumer behavior through solutions that consult consumers on the most effective strategies and analyze them to increase the success of actions.

Digital Experience

We enhance contact with customers, suppliers and employees by implementing customized content management solutions to improve the digital experience.

The challenge


Point of Entry

We digitalize the basic processes simplifying your management. Payroll, workday registration, expenses or digital signature.

Efficiency Employee

Facilitating communication and automating value-added processes. Training plans, employee portal, work environment or financial well-being.

Intelligent Work

It comprises the processes of resource optimization. budgeting, resource planning, management by objectives and competency profile analysis.

Human Analytics

Anticipate what will happen. Using analytical techniques we can determine where the best talent is within the company, how to retain it and which would be the best profiles to incorporate.


Aggity alliances

CAEA is an association that brings together the largest number of food and perfume distribution companies in Andalusia. It trusts aggity to collaborate with the sector in the development of digitalization projects to make its associates more and more competitive.


They rely on aggity


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