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We accompany companies in the sector, helping them to meet their Digital Transformation challenges with the best technology, always according to their specific needs.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology is essential in order to respond to the new challenges of the to the new challenges of the sector.

We help you define, design and implement the best solution for your organization.

Challenges and Context
of the Sector

Changes Regulatory

Particularly important in the Health Sector, due to the nature of the data with which it works.

Costs Increasing

Given this scenario, it is essential to optimize procedures and the use of resources.

Sustainable Sustainable Development Goals

Being in line with the SDGs is increasingly valued by the users of our services.

Shortage of Qualified personnel

It is essential to improve both the attraction of talent and its loyalty and optimized planning.

Advances Technology

Organizations that turn their backs on the new reality will face a significant competitive disadvantage.

Changing environment
Customers - Patients

The new distribution of the population structure requires a re-planning of the supply of services.


At aggity we have an advanced set of solutions that we adapt to optimally respond to the needs of each organization and sector.

The best approach to each customer and each patient is the one that is perceived as individualized and personal. Thanks to our solutions, you can count on an omnichannel approach and segmentation according to the nature of each interlocutor (relationships, pathologies, etc.).

Optimize your Talent with our solutions in the area of People Management. Management. A particularly important module is the Advanced Shift and Schedule Planner, which is widely Shift and Timetable Planner, which is widely implemented in the industry and allows you to assign your optimal assignment to your professionals according to business needs and in compliance with and the applicable regulations and agreements. Advanced analytics will also allow you to will also allow you to make decisions based on concrete data, and not just on more or less subjective impressions. more or less subjective impressions.

Reducing the carbon footprint and optimizing energy consumption are now essential, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Analytics and sensorization allow us to identify optimal models for the generation, consumption and storage of energy for our business.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions Process Optimization with Digital Transformation

Applying a "Process Reengineering" approach with technological support, we help you optimize your current processes, improving the quality and time associated with each task.

We also design a User Experience Layer that, regardless of the "CORE" systems that the organization has, facilitates the performance of different business activities.

Green IT Operations

The efficient dimensioning of our technological infrastructures and the capacity to respond effectively to any incident are a guarantee of success.

Our solutions in this field (IBM Instana and Turbonomic) will help you to optimally manage your equipment, networks and cloud systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Creating value

of Success


They trust us


Aggity alliances

At aggity we count on "Denario" as a technological platform to support the processes traditionally linked to the People Management area. Denario is owned by aggity People, one of the companies of our group.


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