Meet aggity

aggity is a multinational technology company specialized in the Digital Transformation of businesses by combining best practices and operational forms with Innovative Technology Platforms specialized in different business processes.

We transform your business into a 4.0 company.

At aggity all our professionals are experts and digital natives ready to help you digitally transform your company.


Optimization of processes and resources

At aggity, we understand the importance of maximizing productivity and minimizing waste. We specialize in identifying areas for improvement, implementing advanced technologies and designing more efficient workflows.


Analysis and efficiency

From comprehensive analysis to strategic implementation, our team is dedicated to providing solutions that optimize your processes and increase your company's efficiency.


Reduction of errors
and losses

At aggity, we understand that reducing errors and losses is essential to business success. Our expertise is focused on identifying and addressing areas of vulnerability, implementing solutions that not only reduce errors, but also optimize processes to reduce financial losses.


Process and resource optimization

At aggity, we specialize in optimizing processes and resources to boost your company's performance. Through a detailed analysis, we identify areas of improvement and apply innovative technologies to optimize your operations.



We offer innovative technological solutions that help make a difference and generate new and better business opportunities.

Operational Excellence

Streamline and transform operations to be more efficient, building new ways of operating that drive competitiveness.

Increased revenues

Activate new forms of omnichannel relationships, maximizing profitability and brand engagement with your customers and channels.

Talent Maximization

Boosting talent, automating its management and establishing new ways of working that increase productivity.

Decarbonization & Sustainability

Reduce consumption and help meet SDG goals [+Scope 3] through the use of Artificial Intelligence and digital solutions.


Social Responsibility

aggity in its social commitment contributes its grain of sand by creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan in which it contributes to the Contigo Contra el Cáncer de la Mujer Foundation. A small gesture with which we bet on quality research, as they believe in the Foundation.

What drives us

To provide the companies that trust us with the certainty that with our solutions and thanks to our commitment and the quality of our services, we will optimize and transform the management of all areas of your company.

What we believe in

aggity is an entrepreneurial company that promotes talent, forming an efficient and effective team. We want to achieve our goals, so aggity tries to make you achieve yours, because in this way, we will have achieved it.


They trust us


aggity technology partners

We count on Extenda GO as a valuable partner to carry out our 4.0 vision and provide solid in-store solutions.

Environmental Performance

We have carried out several actions to minimize impacts on :

Waste electrical/electronic equipment

Diesel consumption

CO² emissions

Consumption of non-organic cleaning products


See here our quality, environment and information security policy

2023 CO2 emissions


Carbon Footprint Kg


Carbon Footprint Kg/hours of service


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