Smart Factory by aggity Digitization in Industry 4.0

Smart Factory by aggity brings together solutions that aggity makes available to our clients to accompany them towards the fourth industrial revolution and the digital transformation of the Industry.

With the implementation of the Smart Factory by aggity solutions we managed to digitize the factory thanks to a perfect and complete automation of processes and prediction of actions.

Companies that trust Smart Factory by aggity

Digitize your factory in real time
thanks to Smart Factory solutions

  • Smart solutions for the Industry combined with the most innovative technology: Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Automation and efficiency achieving an interconnected factory.
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring with visibility of all industry processes on a single platform with custom integrations for each client.
  • Quality control: computerization of quality samples.
  • Paperless: Digitize your factory and forget about paper with faster, more efficient processes and documents available at all times.
  • Planning, organization and control of factory processes automatically and on a single platform.


by Smart Factory by aggity

Opera MES by Aggity

Complete, modern, configurable and modular MES industrial management software that perfectly covers the management and control of Production, Quality, Materials and Maintenance activities.

All your factory planning on one platform. Able to provide all the necessary information to guide and control the production plan.

Social Factory by aggity

Digital Transformation Solution for immediate and intelligent use of information and its socialization: collaborate, communicate, share and manage knowledge.

Industry 4.0

The Digital Transformation applied to the production industry

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