Key developments in green innovation

Green innovation is transforming the way companies approach their operations and driving environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. Adopting sustainable technologies and practices is essential to achieve a greener and more efficient economy.

There are numerous examples of green innovation in all types of business sectors and more and more companies have seen how the adoption of technological tools is helping them to reduce their ecological footprint and implement more sustainable processes.

The key to this momentum is that companies have seen sustainability in business as a strategic opportunity that not only allows them to be more sustainable, but also to improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs. But what are the key developments and green business practices being implemented today. We review them in this post.

Renewable energies

The use of clean or renewable technologies is one of the first actions incorporated by the companies. Especially in the industrial sector, more and more organizations are using renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and achieve industrial energy savings.

Renewable energies

In addition to consuming more environmentally friendly energy and reducing energy consumption costs, the adoption of renewable energy enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Green buildings

The construction of buildings and industrial environments based on sustainable criteria is another of the areas on which organizations are focusing their environmental management policies.

The current commitment is to build energy-efficient buildings that help reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimize waste throughout the construction process and promote a circular economy in the industry. circular economy in the industry. . Thus, the incorporation of solar panels, the use of LED lighting or the use of sustainable materials in construction is becoming more and more frequent.

Green vehicles

Sustainable mobility is another major challenge for organizations. In this regard, companies and public agencies have found that responsible corporate environmental management necessarily involves transportation.

Both companies and municipalities are incorporating electric vehicles with low emissions into their vehicle fleets. Likewise, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to establish mobility strategies that include the use of shared cars.

For their part, companies in the logistics sector use technological solutions such as GreenwAIs by aggity for the route optimizationThis allows them to reduce the number of kilometers driven by their vehicles and reduce fuel consumption, resulting in lower costs and improved air quality.

Green vehicles

Sustainable agriculture

Another sector where sustainable sustainable innovation is notable is that of agriculture. If there is one sector in which the effects of climate change are felt the most, it is agriculture, and for this reason, the organizations that make up this sector are committed to including regenerative agricultural practices, incorporating precision agriculture technologies and developing climate-resistant crops.

Such green initiatives in primary sector corporations have enabled these organizations to reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, for example, and also to improve food security.

Biodegradable plastics

Finally, among the green solutions for companies that are having the greatest impact is the reduction and management of plastic use. Plastics are a major problem in protecting the planet, mainly because they can take dozens of years to decompose.

Aware of this, companies are investing part of their R&D in the development of biodegradable plastics that decompose more quickly thanks to the action of microorganisms and natural processes. There is also a strong commitment to the development of bioplastics that are made from renewable raw materials such as corn starch, sugar cane or cellulose.