aggity has a new business partner: TOTVS

TOTVS, a leading company in business solutions in Latin America, signs an alliance with a new distribution channel: aggity. To offer digital solutions and business management systems that help companies to make key decisions in this stage of digital transformation and necessary to make businesses thrive in this technological era in which you must have sense and direction for a profitable investment.

Looking digitally into the future is key for companies around the world. If we do not take it into account, it will be impossible to move forward in this new business environment, in which some markets may simply disappear.

Under this premise, aggity becomes the TOTVS channel that will distribute its offer to help companies accelerate their digital transformation through fluig, a productivity and collaboration platform for the management of processes, documents and identities on a single screen, which is also mobile.

According to data from IDC Consulting, taking into account information as an asset should be considered by companies, since by 2018 60% of companies will integrate IT and OT (Technology Operation) and by 2020, 3rd platform technologies and services will drive almost 40% of IT spending, growing 5 times faster than the total market.

fluig thus becomes the perfect tool to promote the flow of information within the company and permeates its entire management through a single platform. Process standardization ensures safety and predictability by reducing errors and increasing productivity.

“We are interested in strengthening TOTVS’ presence in the market and, above all, in driving digital transformation in organizations. Given the conditions of the new business models worldwide, customers are more involved in their lines of business and expect to get information and results at the same time they have changes, in which aggity will certainly be able to support us,” explained Oscar Gonzalez, General Manager of TOTVS North Latin America.

aggity is an organization highly specialized in new technologies and digital solutions that involve the best of the processes and business after a digital transformation of the same. Aggity has a wide network of offices in Latin America, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru, headed by the head office for Latin America in Mexico City; additionally it has a main laboratory in Barcelona (Spain), two laboratories in Mexico City (Mexico) and has recently started activities in the United States with a new laboratory in Phoenix (US), which ensures a wide capacity of superior software development, in an optimal synergy of practices, methodology, technology and culture of superior software development Europe-America.

According to aggity Mexico CEO Oscar Mz. Tovilla, ¨companies are driven to seek new ways to maximize their results, incorporating digital platforms for productivity and collaboration that allow them to transform into organizations 4.0 or Smart Company. “Our customers are permanently looking for the best solutions that allow them to link their Social ecosystem, i.e. people, their business processes and things (IoT); in a secure and confidential way. They need to know and analyze SOCIAL TRANSACTION in their environments
In this sense, the agreement with a leading company like TOTVS will help us deliver on our promise to offer the best platforms available to our customers and the market in general in the Americas and Europe.”

Digital transformation is not a fad, companies go through a series of changes where processes will not be executed in the same way. Together with its new partner, TOTVS will provide the latest in specialized solutions to meet the needs and challenges of different sectors with a middleware platform that helps companies extract value from investments already made in information technology. fluig was developed 100% as SaaS (software as a service) storing all content in the cloud.

Provider of business solutions for companies of all sizes, commercializes management software, productivity and collaboration platforms, hardware and consulting; absolute leader in the SMB market in Latin America. With more than 50% of market share in Brazil, TOTVS is present in 41 countries. In Brazil, it has 15 subsidiaries, 52 franchises, 5 thousand distribution channels and 10 development centers. In the rest of the world, it has 7 subsidiaries, 5 development centers (United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan) and numerous distribution channels. For more information, please visit