Aggity signs a commercial agreement with Sener to address energy efficiency and decarbonization projects in the industrial sector.

The engineering firm’s EmS cloud platform joins its portfolio of solutions and services for Sustainable Industry 4.0

Madrid, May 23rd, 2024 The Spanish technology multinational aggity has signed an agreement with the engineering and technology group Sener to market its energy management solution EmS (Energy monitoring System) in projects to improve energy efficiency and decarbonization for the industrial sector. This sector is required to meet the objectives set by the European Green Pact to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

With this agreement, aggity adds EmS to its portfolio of solutions and services for the industrial sector, whose platform for Sustainable Industry 4.0, Smart Factory by aggity, is the only one that integrates energy management with manufacturing.

Sener’s EmS platform has been developed by specialist engineers and enables energy monitoring and management of industrial plants. The solution, available under a cloud model, integrates information from energy measurement equipment (network analyzers, flow meters, etc.) deployed in manufacturing plants, as well as from SCADA and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and production planning systems, and presents it in a synthesized form so that it can be consumed from any device.

The information collected, including historical data, can be visualized both temporally and spatially, and is presented in dashboards linking energy and production data, allowing for reporting, alarming, benchmarking and forecasting. This solution, in addition to industry, has already been implemented in other areas such as airports, hotels, hospitals, etc., with average savings of more than 20% in the energy consumption of the assets under study.

Sustainable Industry 4.0

With this agreement, aggity and Sener consolidate the collaboration that both companies have maintained for more than a year and makes the EmS platform an essential part of aggity’s Sustainable Industry 4.0 proposal, which integrates energy management throughout the entire production cycle.

Under this vision, the energy parameter is one more component of the different solutions grouped in the Smart Factory by aggity platform, including the PlanetTogether advanced planning software or APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling), the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and the advanced analytics solution IA & Analytics Factory by aggity.

In turn, this solution is part of the Sener group’s proposal to drive industrial companies towards sustainable, decarbonized, efficient and competitive business models, through consulting, engineering, advanced algorithmic and digital solutions, always under the principle of technological agnosticism and multidisciplinarity.

In this way, industrial companies gain knowledge about the energy performance of their facilities and can activate energy efficiency and transition actions to comply with regulatory requirements and at the same time increase their sustainability and competitiveness. These actions include production planning taking into account energy costs, detection of anomalous consumption and activation of alarms in case of deviations, as well as consumption forecasting taking into account different variables.

With these capabilities, industrial companies increase the efficiency and productivity of their manufacturing plants, while reducing costs and meeting regulatory requirements. In fact, actual implementations of Smart Factory by aggity show an increase in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of up to 16% and a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 footprint of up to 15% and 21%, respectively.

According to Oscar Pierre, president of aggity, “In addition to accelerating the transition to the use of renewable energy sources, companies in the industrial sector must increase the efficiency of their assets, systems and processes to gain efficiency and have a smarter energy consumption. We are proud to collaborate with Sener and this agreement ” – emphasizes Pierre -. “is a further demonstration of our shared commitment to leverage energy monitoring digitization to help customers accelerate their sustainability roadmaps.”

According to Juan Ivorra, Business Development Director of Sener Energía, “Energy efficiency is a key factor in accelerating the adoption of a more sustainable, efficient and competitive industrial model. For Sener it is essential to have agreements that accelerate the arrival on the market of solutions that help the industrial fabric to equip itself with the necessary tools to get the most out of its assets and evolve towards a new way of consuming energy”.