Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

The joint use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data promises to radically transform the way organizations work with their data. Agility and improved decision making are just some of its advantages.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and big data is going to be an increasingly powerful weapon for all types of organizations.

The use of data to extract value from them to enable organizations to evolve has always been fundamental. Technology has helped to make this data valorization more and more effective. Thus we move from a Business Intelligence model to Big Data. Big Data was the last great revolution. Improvements in tools and equipment, as well as the emergence of the cloud, have made it possible to analyze massive amounts of data in less time.

The next big breakthrough is going to come from Artificial Intelligence. The two often tend to be confused when the truth is that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are two complementary concepts that, by working together, generate new knowledge and produce competitive advantages for any organization.

Analyzing the concepts

To understand the relationship between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, it is useful to first review its meaning. When we talk about Big Data we are dealing with the ability of organizations to analyze and process large volumes of data that cannot be treated with traditional techniques. Big Data captures data from countless sources such as transactional systems, social networks, communications, IoT sensors, customer relationships, etc. Its objective is to collect huge volumes of data for analysis and to extract relevant information for decision making.

Advantages of using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

The incursion of AI in this field will make this analysis even faster. Artificial Intelligence needs to consume data to learn, reason and make decisions in the same way a human would. In this way, the combination of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will allow organizations to analyze patterns, identify trends and generate new initiatives to improve processes.

Basically, the combination of AI and Big Data will allow the human to expand the range of possibilities for them to make a decision that benefits the organization. This automates much of the work performed by a data analyst who, from now on, will be dedicated to more strategic tasks that will provide greater value to the company.

Advantages of using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is going to be an increasingly powerful weapon for all types of organizations. First, the ability to analyze large volumes of data quickly and accurately gives companies access to valuable information that will enable them to make evidence-based decisions and, for example, to select the best candidates in a selection process.

One of the great advantages of using AI and Big Data together is in the relationship that companies have with their customers. Thanks to its use, greater personalization of marketing and customer experience is achieved. By analyzing their behavioral data and preferences it is possible to offer customers or, in a healthcare setting, provide treatment that best suits their circumstances.

Security benefits

Security benefits

An important section refers to the area of security. The use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will make it possible to detect anomalies that will prevent fraud or security risks.

Finally, a third advantage that the use of data science and artificial intelligence has for organizations is their ability to anticipate different scenarios. For example, anticipating when orders are going to decrease or increase, when it will be necessary to stock certain products because a shortage is going to occur or, in an industrial environment, knowing when a machine needs to be serviced. In the latter case, solutions such as Opera MES with aggity already make use of artificial intelligence to carry out intelligent management of maintenance interventions.