Examples of Digital Transformation

Following the pandemic, digitization projects in organizations have multiplied and companies are seeing how digitization improves their production processes and efficiency in an increasingly competitive environment. Let’s take a look at some of the digital transformation.

Discover real cases of companies that have boosted their success through digital transformation. Learn from their strategies and achievements.

In this article we will explore different success stories in digital transformation of companies and sectors that have achieved impressive results thanks to it. From optimizing internal processes to creating exceptional customer experiences, these examples of digital transformation illustrate how a commitment to digitization can drive efficiency, innovation and business success.

Digital transformation in retail

One of the sectors in which digital transformation has had the greatest impact is retail. The rise of e-commerce has been driving the digitization of companies in the retail sector for some time now. Solutions such as Digital Customer Engagement by aggity, which improve the online and offline customer experience, what we call the phygital experience, with a high degree of customization, are responsible for the interest of the companies in this sector in implementing the latest emerging technologies in the market.

Thus we see how retailers dedicated to textiles offer tools to try on a garment without having to go through the fitting room or those dedicated to the sale of furniture allow you to check how it will look in the user’s room before buying it.

Another clear example of the digital business transformation in this sector is Amazon, a company that has gone from being a company dedicated to online book trade to become the e-commerce giant it is today. The multinational has invested in different technological innovation solutions, such as the use of machine learning algorithms to recommend products to customers based on their previous purchases or technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) or of process automation to improve the management and efficiency of your warehouses.

Digital transformation in the industry

The technological innovation is playing a key role in achieving the goal of the so-called “green economy”. Industry 4.0 in all industrial sectors. The use of solutions such as Smart Factory by aggity are enabling the development of the smart factory and connecting machines and devices throughout the plant, which facilitates the real-time data collection to facilitate decision making data-driven, allows for adapting to peak demand, implementing predictive maintenance to prevent breakdowns, as well as meeting the challenge of reducing the energy bill.

An example of a good digital transformation strategy General Electric, which has adopted a number of technologies to take advantage of the Industry 4.0 potential and that thanks, among other things, to the use of the artificial intelligence and machine learning has enabled it to develop services of predictive maintenance based IoT for its motors and industrial equipment, which has improved efficiency and reduced costs for customers.

Digital transformation in entertainment

The digitization of business reaches all types of companies, including those operating in the entertainment sector, whether they are more modern, such as Netflix, or more traditional, such as Disney. These streaming platforms have completely transformed the way people consume audiovisual content. The rise of digital culture has been taken advantage of by these companies that make use of big data and analytics to adapt to the tastes and preferences of their customers, and thus improve customer engagement.

But that digitization has also boosted companies in the video game industry. Companies in this niche market have pushed the development of mobile applications or have adopted virtual reality and augmented reality to offer more immersive gaming experiences.

The Google case

One of the most important examples of digital transformation is Google, due to the number of elements it brings together. The company is a leader in search engines, online advertising and cloud computing services. To improve operational efficiency, Google is clearly betting on artificial intelligence and big data to drive its digitalization.