Face it, black friday is already a fad. Make the most of it and boost your sales.


The black friday, november 24The date is one of the dates that has been a part of our lives for a long time, and in many cases it is extended until the end of the year. cyber mondayOn Monday, November 27, since the beginning of November, we are flooded with information and offers, stores go crazy and try to entice their audience with the most attractive discounts.

But what makes this date so special? It is no longer enough to see the word “offer” to pull out our card and buy! Is your brand ready to drive sales and offer the best deals across channels?

Let’s make a brief review of why we go crazy with the so called black friday and how to take advantage of this date to boost sales by offering the best to your customers, but making a difference, let’s not be one more, there are already many!

  1. Temporariness, you only have 1 day to buy!
    We are all interested in making smart purchases, but without a doubt the impact of black friday is that you only have 24 hours, limited time to shop. So, hurry up!
  2. The convenience of buying online.
    No lines, no people taking that coveted product out of our hands, no pressure and from the comfort of our couch! Additionally, the fact of paying virtually and not in cash has an influence, since we are not fully aware of the disbursement.The trust of the online store is decisive, as well as theseriousness and agility of the platforms, which allow consumers to make purchases in a calm and safe way.
  3. The democratization of marketing tools
    Marketing has to generate impact, attract, attract and retain. That is why good ideas in this area increasingly need tools to support them, so that brands can be able to can offer what the user needs, at the time he needs it, and in the “best” case what he does NOT need.Marketing professionals often do not have a clear vision of the needs, desires or intentions of your customers, which is necessary for know the omnichannel consumer and deliver highly personalized offers.

    What the marketer needs is a solution that can integrate their data and technologies that they use separately, in a way that supports innovations in segmentation across the various channels that customers use.

    These challenges are overcome with solutions like RedPoint by aggity, because they provide a central point of operational and data control for users, along with a flexible architecture.

    Disparate data collected from customers and the lack of data integration are two of the biggest barriers facing modern marketers.

    By implementing a customer interaction and information integration center, marketers can overcome both barriers simultaneously, empower your teams to make better decisions with more complete data and get an adaptable solution that will embrace innovationwith new technologies as they emerge.

  4. Social pressure, a factor that continues to matter even if we don’t want to acknowledge it.
    Although brands may go crazy in offering what they think is best, and in using support tools that drive these ideas, in the end, there is one indispensable factor: social pressure.As sociable beings, social pressure influences our behavior.
    According to psychologist Irene Bayarri “there is a strong tendency to compare ourselves with others and sometimes it also influences the purchases we make”. It’s not just about buying for fashion, or for the cache it gives us to keep up with trends, but to look better than everyone else.

Is your marketing team prepared to deal with these factors? Do you have tools to support innovative ideas that will make your sales soar this Black Friday? Do you want to go one step further and provide personalized offers to your users in real time? If the answer is not clear to you, contact us, we will advise you.

Written by Victoria Alarcón Prado
Head of Marketing aggity
LinkedIn Victoria Alarcón de aggity