Personalize and be Omnichannel, unavoidable steps to win and retain customers


In today’s hyper-connectivity scene, brand-customer relationships have improved substantially compared to just a decade ago. But the ability to contact in a multichannel manner has not meant the ability to establish a successful omnichannel interaction.

And let’s face it, customers are still experiencing situations that are unbecoming of the digital age in which we live. We can still be devastated to find out that a hotel chain we are regulars with barely knows us. A certain degree of frustration is also common when the person we speak to at our telecom provider’s contact-center is completely unaware of the complaint we made on the company’s website a month ago. Not to mention that we have become accustomed to deleting offers and promotions that have nothing to do with what we are interested in from our inbox on a daily basis.

And this is happening despite the existence of more and more channels and points of contact between customers and the company. Even in the era of consumer empowerment, when consumers’ expectations are higher and they are no longer satisfied with a good product or service, but aspire to personalized treatment. They do not understand that the brand with which they have a relationship is not able to interact with them through their preferred channels and do not excuse being treated as anonymous beings. They want good, complete and new experiences. In addition, they are aware of their ability to express and expand their opinion and influence, positively or negatively through their assessments and judgments.

According to the study “Empowering The Data-Driven Customer Strategy” by CMO Council and RedPoint, only 7% of companies are able to interact with customers in a real-time, personalized and omnichannel manner across both physical and digital channels. Of the rest, 24% have already started to interact in real time with customers, but only through digital channels.

One of the reasons for this data is to be found in the current technological infrastructures of companies. Just 5% of marketing executives surveyed are satisfied with the outcome of their IT investments in marketing, analytics and engagement, and omnichannel relationships. Only 16% seem to be happy with what their companies have done to make their customer relationships more personalized and synchronized across multiple channels. A paradox if we analyze that, in five years, 42% of companies have installed at least 10 solutions for these functions; another 33% have installed between 100 and 10; and 44% have allocated at least 25% of their marketing budget to replacing one technology with another.

And all this despite the fact that, in the analyzed cases of true personalized and omnichannel interaction with customers, customer retention rates of 89% are achieved and that 40% of consumers recognize that they buy more from brands that provide a personalized shopping experience and interaction. Moreover, 86% of customers would pay more in exchange for a better customer experience and 79% would not consider buying from companies that do not actively demonstrate, in advance, that they understand and care for their customers.

In this context, aggity is able to design and execute for its clients omnichannel communication strategies that engage customers through the most appropriate channel and with the relevant offer to attract, retain and increase the level of loyalty and its value.

To achieve this, in addition to its digitalization services, the company exclusively markets RedPoint Global‘s solutions for the development of intelligent, omnichannel and fully customized marketing campaigns in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub™ (CEH), an information hub that collects customer data across the entire organization and touch points to create unified, rich and dynamic profiles; and RedPoint Interaction™ (RPI), designed to develop real-time interaction with customers, intelligently optimizing data and different touch points and business areas.

Written by BDI Comunicación for aggity