Artificial intelligence
for businesses

Algorithms that learn from experience: Artificial Intelligence for companies together with Machine Learning are innovative solutions that transform data analytics so that the software makes decisions in real time, makes personalized recommendations, detects the origins of errors in processes or projects predictive models.

Companies that trust aggity

"Fast processing and smart algorithms"

All sectors can benefit from the resources provided by Artificial Intelligence for companies. Its main objective is to provide task-specific software that can reason about the data it receives and improve the results it produces as its knowledge increases. Large amounts of data are combined with rapid processing and intelligent algorithms to understand patterns in the data that provide insight to the business.

Main advantages of
Artificial intelligence

Platforms by aggity that
incorporate Artificial Intelligence

digital customer entertainment

Digital marketing

Omnichannel real-time data communication platform that combines marketing automation with CDP.

BesTalent IA

Intelligent solutions in the management of people and talent applying Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Factory

Solutions for Industry 4.0 and the automation of processes in the factory.


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