The importance of email marketing in 2023

Among the variety of tools available to the marketing department of an organization, email marketing is one of the most effective. Thanks to its use, companies can inform about new products, gain new customers and build customer loyalty and, of course, increase their database and the information they have to be able to carry out much more personalized campaigns.

Email marketing will continue to be one of the most important tools in a commercial strategy. Personalizing campaigns as much as possible will be the main objective.

The great success of email marketing, within omnichannel marketing strategies, comes not only from its strong valuation as an element to attract customers, but also from the high return on investment it offers. Thanks to mass mail ings to the organization’s database, the company can carry out campaigns very economically and, combined with techniques such as remarketing, can achieve a great impact that can accelerate and increase sales.

The problem with these mass mailings is that, sometimes, they are done on a recurring basis and therefore, they lose the effectiveness with which a particular email marketing campaign was designed by the company’s marketing strategists.

Email marketing in 2023

However, thanks to technology, direct marketing campaigns can be carried out without the customer feeling annoyed by receiving a promotional mailing or having to “burn” the database. Therefore, when carrying out a mass emailing campaign, segmenting the database is the pillar on which to base the strategy. Thanks to this segmentation, the email marketing campaign will be much more effective and better adapted to the real needs and expectations of its recipients.

Email marketing in 2023

Nowadays, companies, rather than acquiring new customers, prefer to retain existing ones. Having a refined database of each of your subscribers will allow you to have a better understanding of them in order to offer them the appropriate product or solution based on their profile and customer journey.

With this segmentation it is possible to personalize each and every one of the fields that make up an email: from the subject line to the subscriber’s name, which makes the message more familiar and gives the recipient the perception that the campaign is fully customized to their tastes.

Technologies at the service of email marketing

The fact that companies increasingly want to personalize their email marketing campaigns has been reinforced by the incorporation of new technologies that are used more and more to reach a greater number of potential customers and loyalty of existing customers. . The use of artificial intelligence, the increase in proprietary and original content or the use of data analytics and automation are just some of the technologies that promise to radically change email marketing.

Of all of them, artificial intelligence is gaining special importance as it improves decision making and, above all, allows us to know what type of messages are the most attractive to some users compared to others.

It must be taken into account that for AI to work, it is necessary to have a quality database because thanks to it, it will be able to make the best decisions and effectively choose the messages to be sent to subscribers. Thanks to the capacity and speed of processing, which is set to accelerate with the development of 5G, artificial intelligence can perform different combinations to ensure a much more personalized and effective email marketing campaign.

Platforms for email marketing success

Platforms for email marketing success

The use of a platform such as RedPoint Global by aggity, which is integrated in the Digital Customer Engagement by aggity proposal, is essential for this purpose. As an omnichannel communication platform, which unifies all the company’s data sources, it enables personalized communication and real-time marketing automation, including email marketing.

By using technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, the platform ensures that mass mailing campaigns are as personalized as possible and result in increased sales revenue and customer satisfaction. In this way, marketing departments achieve their two main objectives by sending mass e-mails.