What is rage applying and how to deal with it?

“Rage applying” is a growing trend that is manifesting itself among workers who enter into a state of frustration and anger with their current employment. What are the keys to avoid it?

The phenomenon of rage applying affects both workers and organizations. Each of them must take measures to prevent it from appearing.

Until not so long ago, the search for a new job occurred when an employee was laid off, when he saw that the situation of a company was not positive or when he saw that promotion within a company was going to be difficult.

What is rage applying

Recently, however, a new term has begun to gain prominence , denoting a change in the reasons why workers seek new employment. This is “rage applying”.

The term made sense when a TikTok user uploaded a video to the social network in which he had applied for 15 different jobs, fed up as he was with the one he had. In the end he got another one that had better conditions and a much higher salary.

Since then, the phenomenon, which is mostly associated with burnout syndrome and work-related stress, has been analyzed. The also called “rage application” manifests itself when candidates, in a state of frustration and anger with their current job, start sending job applications in an almost desperate manner. In fact, in many cases, they do not care if they are qualified for a particular offer, but send resumes to all kinds of companies and apply for all kinds of positions in order to change jobs.

Rage applying, detrimental to all

The problem with this impulsive behavior is that it hurts both employees and companies. For people in this situation, the main problem will come because, when they apply for positions where they do not meet all the requirements, they will be rejected; which will cause their feelings of anger and frustration to grow.

Solving the rage applying

For their part, human resources departments, with this trend, receive a greater number of applications, so they may require more time to select those that are suitable and there is a slowdown in the selection processes. In this regard, those companies that employ platforms such as BesTalent by aggity will have an easier time avoid overload due to “rage applying”.By making use of process automation, you will be able to reject those applications that do not meet the requirements quickly and without the need to saturate the HR department.

Solving the rage applying

The emergence of phenomena such as the rage applyingThe problem of employees wanting to leave one job for another because they are dissatisfied with what their company is offering them, should be of concern for companiesespecially at a time when the talent management and talent retention is vital. According to different reports, 64% of employees admit to having sent their resumes in bulk after having suffered a bad experience at work. Among the main reasons for doing so are excessive workloads, lack of equal opportunities, non-compliance with salary improvements or the absence of associated benefits such as flexible remuneration.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary for candidates to be thoughtful and analyze job opportunities before applying for a job. They need to see that your skills match those requested in a job.

Companies facing the rage application

Companies facing the rage application

For their part, organizations can combat rage applying with a clear model of organizational structure, taking care of aspects that matter to the employee, such as mental health or work-life balance.

Likewise, in any selection process, companies should provide as much information as possible about the position being offered, including requirements, tasks to be performed, promotion possibilities or salary. In this way, candidates will be able to better select the offers and the workload of the HR department will be reduced since fewer applications will be submitted and they will also be more in line with the company’s demands.