Artificial intelligence applied to human resources

Artificial intelligence applied to human resources will be one of the main advances in this department. Its use will allow your managers to focus on tasks of greater value to the company.

One of the areas in which AI is doing the most important work is in the area of personnel selection.

One of the departments that have been most impacted by digitalization processes is human resources. In this transformation, the use of Artificial Intelligence applied to human resources is one of the most revolutionary HR trends.

Several functions of human resources and talent management solutions are already supported by artificial intelligence. One example is BesTalent IA by aggity which, thanks to its use of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning, optimizes an organization’s talent management strategy, covering from the most basic to the most complex needs.

The evolution of AI in HR

Despite the novelty of any topic in which artificial intelligence appears, the truth is that AI and HR have already been working in unison for some time. The vast majority of older developments were aimed at reducing the time of repetitive tasks, such as resume screening. In this sense, the job of artificial intelligence is to help simplify processes so that HR professionals can focus on more strategic tasks.

Recruiting new employees and profiles to meet business needs is one of the key tasks in any organization. With the help of AI, recruiters are streamlining and improving selection processes. So employment and artificial intelligence are going to be, in a short period of time, two concepts that will go hand in hand.

The evolution of AI in HR

The AI algorithms that HR solutions work with are capable of analyzing large volumes of resumes and automatically filtering the most suitable profiles for a specific job. The fundamental change lies in the fact that, with AI, HR managers do not need to dive through a large number of job applications, as the algorithm will provide them with the right profiles. This way, the recruiter will only have to focus on conducting the most relevant interviews to select the most suitable candidate.

Jobs with artificial intelligence

While the above is one of the tasks that Artificial Intelligence has already been performing, its use goes further and promises to change the work of the human resources department. The current objective set by its managers is to revolutionize talent management.

The impact ofartificial intelligence in Human Resources is going to be fundamental for the development of strategies that analyze employee engagement and accelerate their work performance. Using AI in the jobs performed by employees allows HR to detect problems and take preventive measures before they develop into more serious situations, such as a drop in staff motivation or burnout.

Jobs with artificial intelligence

Talent loyalty

Likewise, AI algorithms in human resources not only make it possible to find the best talent, but also to retain it. Thanks to the vast amount of data it is capable of analyzing, AI can learn how well each employee in the organization is performing. In this way, recommendations can be created to offer rewards to each of them, thus strengthening motivation and the sense of belonging to the company.

These are just some of the most characteristic examples of the use of artificial intelligence in human resources, but its contribution goes much further: from improving the employee experience to enhancing the collaborative tasks of the members of a department.