Chatbots for Social Networks

Chatbots are a powerful tool to improve interaction and provide fast and effective service. In this article we look at how to leverage chatbots on social networks and their advantages to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency in handling queries and requests.

Discover how to use chatbots in your social networks to improve interaction with your customers and increase satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of the main lines of action of any company. The so-called customer engagement is an objective of all the departments that make up an organization and to achieve it it is necessary to have a defined strategy in all communication channels. One of them is social networks, where chatbots can automate and improve interaction with users.

With the Digital Customer Engagement by aggity platform it is possible to establish personalized and automated communications through the different social networks in which the company or brand is present. This improves the user’s experience, who knows that having a 24×7 open channel directly contributes to greater customer loyalty.

Advantages of using chatbots for social networks

The use of chatbots for social networks brings with it a number of advantages for both the brand and the customer. It is an element used by an increasing number of companies and brands for improve customer experience by being able to answer questions, provide information, assist in the purchase of products or services, and contribute to the customization in the execution of marketing campaigns based on the data and habits of each user. This will promote customer loyalty customer loyalty .

One of the advantages that users highlight the most about this type of bots is their 24×7 availability, since they can interact with customers at any time. Although they can be used for different tasks, the most common use of chatbots for social networks is for customer service. The use of chatbots for customer service improves customer satisfaction because they know that they will always have a channel available to solve their needs or doubts.

Cost savings

The implementation of chatbots for social networks allows significant cost savings to the company. First, it extends customer service hours. Until the implementation of this service, the company had only two options: either not to provide the service at night or to hire a number of people to provide the service at night. With the use of chatbots in social networks, the schedule is covered without the need to hire extra staff.

Chatbots can also handle routine tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing basic information or following up on orders, which reduces the workload of human resourcesThe company can dedicate itself to developing tasks of greater value to the company, and reduces the business costs of having a person hired to carry out a repetitive and monotonous task.


Also related to cost savings, one of the most interesting benefits of using chatbots for social networks is scalability. These bots are designed to handle a large number of interactions at the same time and are very useful when unexpected events occur. For example, when a power outage occurs, there will immediately be an increase in calls from users to customer service. Such an increase could not be handled properly by the workers providing the service, but with the use of chatbots, the demands of each customer can be addressed immediately.

Instant answers

Companies and brands that employ chatbots on social networks are able to provide immediate and accurate answers to users’ questions. This not only improves the customer experience, but also reduces the costs associated with incorrect or misinformed responses that could lead to product returns or complaints.


Finally, we highlight personalization as another advantage of using chatbots for social networks. Thanks to their use, companies are able to provide customers with unique experiences tailored to their needs and desires. Its use is an important element in the design of loyalty programs or individualized interactive marketing campaigns.

In addition, thanks to the analysis of customer data or Customer Analytics, based on the purchase history and interactions made through chatbots, product recommendations can be offered to the customer in order to arouse their interest. Thanks to this personalization, sales increase because customers feel listened to and cared for.