Customer Analytics: how to analyze the customer?

Customer Analytics: how to analyze the customer?

Customer Analytics or customer analysis is becoming a fundamental element used by companies to gain a more exhaustive knowledge of their customers and build customer loyalty.

In order to establish a correct Customer Analytics strategy, it is necessary to have the right tools to enhance the benefits of customer analysis.

For any organization, knowing its customers is fundamental and is one of the key elements in digitalization strategies. As a result, they are storing more and more data about themselves. Personal data, information about the last purchases made, the times at which they usually buy… However, it is not enough to store all that amount of information to establish a correct relationship with each customer.

The application of technologies such as Big Data, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence is making it possible to profile almost all customers very precisely. Customer Anaytics or customer analysis is the pillar on which a firm’s relationship with each customer and any digital marketing strategy should be built.

To this end, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive process of analysis of the customer portfolio and their level of satisfaction, providing information about the behaviors, tastes and needs of each consumer. Customer Analytics tries to thoroughly analyze their consumption habits and the way in which they make each purchase.

How Customer Analytics works

Customer analysis is based on different indicators that have been collected by the organization’s systems in different ways. Some data arrives through the information found in the CRM.Others through databases, but customer data is also obtained through the purchases they have made, the steps they have followed until they have completed them, the surveys that are carried out to measure the shopping experience or even the customer’s behavior when connecting to the wifi network of a store can be measured. In other words, in general, organizations already possess a lot of valuable information that allows them to know the customer. And all this data is used by Customer Analytics to create a very complete and detailed profile of each customer.

For Customer Analytics to work and enable organizations to make data-driven decisions that help them to get closer to and satisfy the customer, it is data from different sources must be integrated and analyzed. and then define the behaviors of each of the customers.

Likewise, incorporating customer analysis into the company’s strategy will make it possible to develop the Customer Journey and detect problems that arise in the customer’s experience, whether with the product or with the service provided.

Tools to advance Customer Analytics

Of course, in order to establish a correct Customer Analytics strategy, it is necessary to have the right tools to enhance the benefits of the customer analysis. In this regard, the platform RedPoint Global by aggity facilitates omnichannel communication between companies and their customers by enabling personalized communications and real-time marketing automation.

One of its great advantages is that in order to establish this omnichannel communication, the solution unifies all the organization’s data sources and all customer interactions, regardless of whether they occur in a digital or physical environment. As a result, organizations can make decisions in real time and based on customer interactions.

The advantages for the organization

In short, incorporating tools and strategies that allow the analysis of potential customers and those that already exist is essential to place the customer at the center of the strategy. Thanks to this, organizations can learn how customers use a certain product or service or how they relate to the customer service department.

With Customer Analytics, firms can determine what the strengths of the business are, what customers value most or where improvements are needed. With all this, you will achieve customer loyalty and have an advantage over your competitors.